St. Jones Without Methodist Cemetery

Point near Ferry’s Cove

Green Violet   March 7, 1919 27 yrs She’s left the world of grief and pain
She died in hope to live again
Farewell dear husband, my life is passed
You loved me faithfully, to the very last
Mourn not for me nor sorrow take
But take my children for my sake
Banton Jehu   Feb 11, 1917 7 mths
14 dys
Darling Children of Caleb and Mary
BantonAsleep in Jesus
Jessie May   March 31, 1918 5 wks
Banton Jessie   Dec 11, 1911 26 yrs  
Thorne William        
Hiscock Dorcas   August 24, 1916 63 yrs Dearest Mother thou hath left us
Here thy loss, We deeply feel
But this God that hath bebeftus
He can all our sorrow heal
Pitcher George   May 26, 1924 68 yrs Oh Father, thy gentle
Voice is hushed, thy
Warm true heart is still
Green Jasper   Jan 16, 1920 73 yrs  


Transcribed by Lester Green, August 2014

These transcriptions may contain human errors. As always, confirm these as you would any other source material.