Pentecostal Assembly, Little Heart’s Ease, Holds Dedication Service

Reprinted from the Pentecostal Magazine “Good Tidings,” January 1986, page 23.
by Pastor and Mrs. F. A. Bennett

Pentecostal LHE

New church building, Little Heart’s Ease


Construction of the new church building at Little Heart’s Ease began on November 5, 1983, under the leadership of Pastor E. C. Soper. The completed building measures 45′ by 24′ with a full basement for Sunday school rooms.

All the work on the church was free labour, contributed by members of the Assembly and community. Large monetary contributions were made by longtime friends associated with the Assembly. “The people had a mind to work” (Nehemiah 4:6). They gave their time and sacrificial gifts to the work of God that they might reach the people in the community.

The official opening and dedication of the Assembly took place on September 29, 1985. The sanctuary filled quickly as people gathered in. Chairman for the joyous occasion was Pastor G. J. Curtis. Pastor A. W. Rowe, Eastern District Superintendent, led in prayer, and Pastor Miss Shirley M. Flewitt read 2 Chronicles 5:11-14 and 1 Corin­thians 3:8-11.

Remarks were brought by Pastors Paul Foster and M. Power, former pastors of the Assembly; Lieutenant Rideout (Salvation Army); Rev. Mrs. Cole (United Church); and Brother Roy Whalen (member of church board).

The anointed singing of Brother Steve Pardy and Pastor and Mrs. M. Power blessed the congregation. General Superintendent Roy D. King delivered an inspiring message from Mark 16:15—Our Commission Heritage, Our Commission Exam­ple, Our Commission Strategy, and led the congregation in the act of dedication.

Since the dedication service, a crusade has been held with Evangelist J. H. Welsh. Ten souls were saved, one received the bap­tism of the Holy Spirit, and two outstanding healings were reported. To God be the glory!

Pastor Bennett

Pastor and Mrs. F.A. Bennett 


Transcribed by Lester Green, April 2015

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