Salvation Army Citadel, Little Heart’s Ease

Reprinted from the book OUT OF OUR HEARTS   Churches of Newfoundland and Labrador; Published on the 180th Anniversary of the Newfoundland and Labrador District of the Canadian Bible Society 1992 by Good News Publications, Inc., St. John’s NL;  Edited by Gerald E. Benson

The Salvation Army Citadel, Little Heart’s Ease

The Salvation Army in Little Heart’s Ease was begun in 1931 by Staff-Captain Cornick and Brigadier Burton. The first Salvation Army Citadel was started sometime that year, with the first service held in the building in July 1931. Since the church was not completed, there were no shingles on the roof to keep the people from getting wet. Mr. James Spurrell of Little Heart’s Ease took the sail from his schooner and placed it on the roof to keep everyone dry. At this first meeting the officer at Hickman’s Harbour on Random Island came by boat, bringing with him the drums from his corps.

The official opening of the building was held in March of 1932, with the officers in charge Ensign Goulding and Jessie Crocker. In the early days of the Salvation Army in this community the people came around six o’clock on Sunday evening, or earlier, in order to get a seat. In many services, people had to stand if they came later. People came to the services any way they could get; in summer by boat, in winter they would walk across the ice, they came however they could travel. In the early days, three services were held on Sunday: morning, afternoon and night. On Sunday afternoon people would be waiting for Sunday School to be over in order to go to the afternoon service. As one soldier put it, they used to have a Hallelujah time in those days. The oldest soldier living in the corps is Aunt Victoria Spurrell. She was one of the first soldiers to be enrolled in Little Heart’s Ease. There have been many Salvation Army officers appointed to Little Heart’s Ease over the years. In May, 1992, the Salvation Army of Little Heart’s Ease celebrated to 61st anniversary.

There have been three Salvation Army church buildings here since 1931, with the present one being opened in June 1988. The Army covers the surrounding area from North West Brook on the Trans Canada Highway to Southport, with Salvation Army families in many of these communities. The Salvation Army has approximately eighty-five families, with the most residing in the community of Little Heart’s Ease. The Lord has been blessing the Salvation Army and the people of Little Heart’s Ease over the years, and we are confident He will continue to bless in the future.

Captain Bond Jennings