Two Missionaries At “Random” by the Rev. R. Holland Taylor

This document is taken from the publication – Mission life; or Home and foreign church work, edited by the Rev. Arthur H.B. Vivian. Volume X, Part 1, New Series. London, 1879.

Note: this document is very similar to Paper on Random by Rev. R. Holland Taylor however there is addition information in this document. Rev. Holland goes into more detail about some of the places he visited in Random and some of the people he met. For example he gives an account of a story told to him by Mr. Benson (of Northern Bight) about one of the residents of Long Beach (page 555):

“A touching incident in the short and simple annals of these poor fisher folk was told me by Mr. Benson. The father of the man who reads Service had years ago come from Grates Cove. As “he lay a-dying he gave commandment concerning his bones.” His strong desire was that he should be buried in consecrated earth, where the rude forefathers of the hamlet sleep, across the stormy bay in the graveyard by the sea at Grates Cove, and if ever his children left Long Beach to return to the original settlement, they were solemnly charged to take up his bones and carry them with them and bury them there. His mother, an old lady of 100 years of age [Elizabeth Vey], survived him, and every day, as long as life lasted, she was observed to go and stand with uplifted hands towards the sea where Long Beach open to Trinity Bay, and gaze in the direction of the far off little church at Grates Cove, as though she were praying that he son’s wish and her own strong desire might be accomplished, and that their bodies might sleep in consecrated earth when life’s fitful dream should be over. May their prayers be answered by the speedy setting apart, if possible, of the enclosure where their remains now rest for the purposes of a burying-ground.”

Note: I believe the man Mr. Benson was talking about is James Vey (1815-1869), his mother Elizabeth Vey (1772-1874) and the son who read Service was John Vey (1844-1916).

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