Marriage Records, Congregational Church, Rendell’s Harbour, Smith’s Sound, 1871-1910

Extracted from the Random Island Volume, St. David’s Prebyterian Church, Elizabeth Ave., St. John’s

26 Oct 1871   George BAKER 24 Bachelor   Patrick Baker Heart’s Ease   Rev. George Harrington Joseph Baker, Patt Snook
Ann LANGEN 23 Spinster   Thomas Langen Trinity  
26 Oct 1871   Jacob BAKER 33 Bachelor   Patrick Baker Harts Content   Rev. George Harrington John Barren, Robert Batten
Caroline HARNUM 23 Spinster   John Harnum New Perlican  
30 Oct 1871   Albert Drodge 26 Bachelor   George Drodge Grates Cove   Rev. George Harrington Arthur Bugden, Samuel Peddle
Ester WALTERS 22 Spinster Servant James Walters Trinity  
27 Nov 1874   James MARTIN 28 Bachelor Fisherman Matt Martin Grates Cove   Rev. George Harrington Matthew Dodge, Elizabeth Stringer
Johanna BROWN 19 Spinster   James Brown Fox Harbour  
27 Dec 1874   John PEDDLE 25 Bachelor Fisherman Caly Peddle Hodge’s Cove   Rev. George Harrington Henry Hiscock, Mary Jane Blunden
Rosanna DRODGE 22 Spinster   John Drodge Sandy Cove  
8 Nov 1877   Samuel GREEN 24 Bachelor Fisherman Leary Green St. Jones   Rev. George Harrington Dr. McGregor, William Balson, John Spurrell
Ellen SAVERD 22 Spinster   Martin Saverd Harts Ease  
22 Oct 1878   Soloman LANGER 22 Bachelor   Solomon and Mary Langer Gooseberry Cove  Heart’s Ease Rev. John Squires Joseph Dodge, William South
Emma DODGE 20 Spinster   Richard and Emma Dodge Heart’s Ease Heart’s Ease
14 Dec 1878   William SMITH 24 Bachelor Fisherman Thomas Smith Fox Harbour Fox Harbour Rev. John Squires Samuel Lambert, Thomas Smith
Jane SPERREL [SPURRELL] 23 Spinster   Urias Spurrell Butter Cove Butter Cove
25 Dec 1880   Simeon WHALEN 22 Bachelor Fisherman Edward and Clementina Whalen Bradley’s Cove Caplin Cove Rev. John Squires Charles Green, Thomas Stringer
Caroline GREEN 19 Spinster   John and Ester Green Scilly Cove St. Jones
28 Jan 1883 Congregational Parsonage, Smith’s Sound Robert MILLER 23 Bachelor Fisherman Robert and Letitia James Park, England St. Jones Rev. John Squires William Bursey, John James Tucker
Sarah BENSON 22 Spinster   Hezekiah and Grace Benson St. Jones St. Jones
2 Nov 1883 Congregational Church, Smith’s Sound Enoch SEWARD 23 Bachelor Fisherman Robert and Amelia Seward New Perlican Ganets Cove, Southwest Arm, Random Rev. John Squires Joseph Dodge, Stephen Seward
Elizabeth PICHARD 21 Spinster   Charles and Sarah Pichard Heart’s Ease Heart’s Ease
14 Dec 1883 Home of Mr. Alfred Blundell, Hickman’s Harbour William SEWARD 24 Bachelor Fisherman Solomon and Dianna Seward Gooseberry Cove  Gooseberry Cove Rev. John Squires William Balsom, Simeon Seward
Jessie GREEN 20 Spinster   John and Ester Green Scilly Cove Gooseberry Cove
26 Oct 1886 Congregational Church, Smith’s Sound William SEWARD 33 Widower Fisherman Mark and Grace Seward Heart’s Ease Heart’s Ease Rev. T. Sneddon Richard Bailey, Mathew Hall
Jediah PAUL 26 Spinster   John and Elizabeth Paul Black Duck Cove Black Duck Cove 

Transcribed by Lester Green

These transcriptions may contain human errors. As always, confirm these as you would any other source material.