Roman Catholic Baptism Records, 1857-1918




Parent’s Names Birth date Baptism date Place Sponsors Notes
Adam Joseph Seward  Keziah Follett   Nov 22


Heart’s Ease Mary Anne Seward

Ambrose Handy

Fanny John Farrell

Betsy Sangor

  Nov 4 1858 Heart’s Ease Joseph Seward

Ellen Shaw

William Thomas John Shaw

Mary North

  Sept 30 1859 Heart’s Ease Joseph Shaw

Elizabeth Shaw

Robert Francis John Seward

Mary Short

  Oct 5 1860 Heart’s Ease Patrick Edgar

Mary Belle

Bridget Thomas Silvery


Harriah Farrell

  Sept 24


Heart’s Ease John Power

Elizabeth Farrell

John Richard Seward

Hannah Shaw

  Sept 25 1863 Heart’s Ease George Shaw

Elizabeth Shaw

Mary Anne Richard Seward

Hannah Shaw

  Nov 3 1866 Heart’s Ease James Shaw

Mary Seward



James & Priscilla


Nov 19




Heart’s Ease   Listed in the RC records for Whitbourne.
Johannah William Flynn

Margaret Seward

Nov 21 1899 June 21 1900 Heart’s Ease John Murphy

Anastasia Seward

Patrick Wm Thomas Seward

Margaret Walsh

Oct 21 1900 Nov 17 1900 Heart’s Ease John Thomas Shaw

Maria Martin

Daniel    Francis John Shaw

Emma Jane Dodge

Oct 2 1900 Nov 17 1900 Heart’s Ease Daniel Shaw

Catherine Broders

Daniel Francis Shaw married Helen Connolly of County Galway.
Thomas       William Patrick Seward

Cecelia Baker

July 24 1900 Nov 19 1900 Heart’s Ease William Seward

Mary Eliza Seward

Thomas William Seward married Margaret Fitzgerald of Keels, Bonavista Bay on May 5, 1922.
Henry Thomas Thomas Newton

Ellen Baker

July 7


Oct 8 1900 Deer Harbour Francis Seward

Anastasia Seward

Walter Edward William Seward

Bridget Yetman

Sept 15 1902 Sept 29 Fox Harbour Edward Seward

Anna Maria Yetman

John William William Flynn

Maggie Seward

Oct 7 1902 April 21 Gooseberry


John Seward

Mary Ann Seward

Patrick Patrick Seward

Cecilia Baker

Jan 1 1903 April 21 1903 Gooseberry Cove Anastasia Seward Patrick of Patrick (of Robert) married Catherine Francis of Daniel Shaw and Hannah Anille on Nov 29 1925.
Henry James Yetman

Anna Maria Seward

April 23 April 23 Fox Harbour William Seward

Bridget Seward

James Michael Shaw

Catherine Brody

May 5 1904 May 12 1904 Little Heart’s Ease Bernard Shaw

Sarah Shaw

Mathias John Shaw

Emma Jane Dodge

Jan 29 1904 May 12 1904 Little Heart’s Ease Joseph Martin

Agnes Walsh

Catherine    Francis Daniel Shaw

Hannah Anille

Nov 2 1904 Nov 12 1904 Little Heart’s Ease William Flynn

Jane Duggan

Maria William Seward

Bridget Yetman

Dec 23 1904 May 18 1905 Fox Harbour Richard Flynn

Maggie Joy (teacher)

Maria Seward may have married at Parish of St. Phippe (Trois River) to William Tremlett of Salmonier on December 26, 1925.
Daniel John Seward

Maggie Ryan

Jan 29 1906 June 16 1906 Gooseberry Cove William Little Heart’s Ease

Maggie Flynn

John Thomas Michael Shaw

Kate Brody

June 17 1906 June 19 1906 Little Heart’s Ease John Thomas Shaw

Sarah Walsh

Mary Ellen John Shaw

Jane Dodge

Nov 15 1905 June 19 1906 Little Heart’s Ease James Shaw

Elizabeth Martin

John Shaw George Shaw

Agnes Walsh

Oct 10 1906   Little Heart’s Ease John Thomas Shaw

Mary Jane Shaw

Mary Lavina John Seward

Maggie Ryan

Aug 21 1907   Gooseberry Cove Michael Seward

Bridget Seward

Alice    Elizabeth William Seward

Bridget Yetman

April 19 1908 Aug 8 1908 Fox Harbour William Seward

Elizabeth Martin

Alice Elizabeth Seward married to Rosaire Tompin, August 25, 1928 at St. Phillipe, Trois Riveres, Quebec.
James Valentine William Flynn

Maggie Seward

Feb 14 1908 Aug 8 1908 Gooseberry Cove William Seward (of Richard)

Jane Seward



Michael Shaw

Catherine Brody

Jan 8 1907 Aug 10 1908 Little Heart’s Ease Michael Flynn

Mary Shaw

Sarah Jane George Shaw

Agnes Walsh

Nov 2 1908 Nov 22


Little Heart’s Ease Joseph Martin

Mary Shaw

Stephen William Seward

Elizabeth Martin

Oct 17 1909 Nov 21 1909 Gooseberry Cove Richard Martin

Mary Jane Shaw

James John Seward

Maggie Ryan

Oct 14 1909 Nov 21 1909 Gooseberry Cove James Shaw

Jane Seward

Edward Francis Michael Shaw

Catherine Brody

Dec 13 1909 June 10 1910 Little Heart’s Ease Daniel Shaw

Hannah Shaw

Ronald James Shaw

Mary Jane Shaw

Nov 8 1910 Dec 10 1910 Little Heart’s Ease Mary Gertrude Newton  
Joseph William Seward

Bridget Yetman

Feb 1 1911 June 15 1911 Fox Harbour Michael Seward

Katie Flynn

Ellen George Shaw

Agnes Walsh

Dec 23 1911 June 19 1912 Little Heart’s Ease Fredrick Newton

Mary Shaw(of James Shaw)

Sarah Mary William Seward

Bridget Yetman

May 1 1911 June 23 1911 Fox Harbour John Thomas Shaw

Jane Shaw

Sarah Mary Seward married Timothy Northcott, March 4, 1947 in the church Our lady of Grace, Chelsea, Mass., USA
Walter    Michael John Shaw

Jane Dodge

Sept 19 1912 Nov 24 1912 Little Heart’s Ease Richard Seward

Hannah Shaw

Walter Michael Shaw married Blanche Stringer of Hodge’s Cove on October 12, 1959.
Richard James Edward Seward

Mary Newton

Jan 26 1913 June 21 1913 Fox Harbour Frank Seward

Maggie Flynn

William John Edward Seward

Mary Newton

May 21 1914 Nov 25 1914 Fox Harbour George Shaw(of

William Thomas)

Mary Seward

Lawrence William Seward

Mary Jane George

May 31 1914 Nov 25 1914 Gooseberry Cove Michael Seward

Nellie Flynn

Alphonsus Patrick Seward

Lizzie Leonard

Aug 25 1914 Nov 25 1914 Gooseberry Cove William Seward

Maggie Seward

Josephine    Catherine John Seward

Maggie Flynn

Oct 28 1914 Nov 25 1914 Gooseberry Cove Patrick Seward

Mary Seward

Josephine Catherine Seward married W.R. Leonard. St. Pats Church, St. John’s, November 23, 1948.
Mary Sarah Francis Seward

Johannah Ryan

Sept 30 1913   Gooseberry Cove Margaret Flynn  
Michael James Francis Seward

Johannah Ryan

Jan 25 1915 July 2 1915 Gooseberry Cove Daniel Shaw

Harriet Seward

Mary Anne William Seward

Elizabeth Martin

Feb 22 1915 July 2 1915 Gooseberry Cove Richard Seward

Maria Seward

Patrick Michael William Seward

Mary Irene George

June5 1916 Sept 15 1916 Gooseberry Cove    
Mary Francis Seward

Johannah Ryan

Sept 30 1916   Gooseberry Cove   Mary Seward married Patrick Joseph Caul on November 8, 1943 at St. Patrick’s Parish, St. John’s
Madeleine James Shaw

Mary Jane Shaw

Aug 27 1917 Nov 29 1917 Little Heart’s Ease Martin Shaw

Mary Seward

Bernard Francis Seward

Johannah Ryan

July 19 1917 Dec 1 1913 Gooseberry Cove Peter Seward Bernard Seward married Annie Bridget Caul, November 22, 1947 in St. John’s, St. Pats Parish.
Edward Vincent Edward Seward

Mary Clara Newton

July 6 197 Dec 1 1917 Gooseberry Cove Henry Seward

Johannah Ryan

Mary Alice Patrick Seward

Lizzie Leonard

Dec 23 1917 June 25 1918 Gooseberry Cove William Flynn

Maria Seward

Bernard Michael Shaw

Katie Brody

Dec 20 1917 June 28 1918 Little Heart’s Ease George Shaw

Margaret Shaw

Margaret        Jane Francis Seward

Johannah Ryan

Aug 3 1918 Nov 28




Patrick Seward

Maggie Seward

Margaret Jane Seward married Thomas Meaney, June 15, 1948, St. Pats Church.
Michael          John Michael John Shaw

Mary Margaret Seward

Oct 17 1918 Nov 28 1918 Little Heart’s Ease Joseph Shaw Michael John Shaw married Cecile Paquin, May 20, 1946 at Trios River, Quebec.

Transcribed by Lester Green, May 18, 2008 from Roman Catholic, Bonavista-Trinity Baptism Records, 1842-1902, 1900-1944, Box 2.

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