Church of England / Anglican Burials by Clergy and Lay Persons

Year Clergy Clergy Lay Lay Lay
1880 J. Shirley Sanderson
1882 George Schrader
1883 George Schrader William Balsom James Drover Caleb Peddle
1884 Walter R. Smith William Balsom
1885 ?? Bradshaw
1886 W. S. L. Romilly James Drover
1887 W. S. L. Romilly William Balsom
1888 W. S. L. Romilly
1889 W. S. L. Romilly Henry C. H. Johnson James Drover Alexander Benson William Balsom
1890 W. S. L. Romilly
1891 H. Elington William Balsom James Drover
1892 Henry C. H. Johnson William Balsom
1893 Henry Petley James Drover Samuel Benson William Balsom
1894 Henry Petley William BalsomSamuel Benson James Drover Charles Knapp? Kraft?(spelling unclear)
1895 Henry Petley William Balsom
1896 G. Ross Godden James Drover William Balsom
1897 G. Ross Godden James DroverJames (Percy?) John ChurchillWilliam Balsom Mr. Frost
1898 Henry C. H. Johnson William Balsom John Vey
1899 F. C. Shears John ChurchillJohn Vey James Drover William Balsom
1900 F. C. Shears
1901 F. C. Shears John Vey W. Balsom
1902 F. C. Shears John VeyJohn Churchill Daniel BalsomWilliam Balsom Edwin Lewis
1903 A. E. Tuck John Churchill William Balsom John Vey
1904 A. E. Tuck John VeyWilliam Seward John Churchill John Peddle
1905 A. E. Tulk John Churchill Charles Pitcher John Vey
1906 W. K. Pitcher C. M. PitcherJohn Churchill John Vey N. C. Pitcher
1907 M. K. Gardner John VeyJohn Peddle James DroverCharles Pitcher John Churchill
1908 M. K. Gardner John ChurchillW. H. Seward

N. C. Pitcher

John VeyAlexander Benson Charles PitcherEdmund Benson
1909 M. K. Gardner
1910 J. Prescott John Vey Charles Pitcher Edmund Benson
1911 J. Prescott G. Elliott John Peddle
1912 Ge. Elliott W. A. Butler John PeddleA. J. Barfitt John Vey Charles Pitcher
1913 W. A. Butler Charles Pitcher Leander Green James Drover
1914 W. A. Butler James Drover Edmund Benson Charles Pitcher
1915 W. A. Butler Charles Pitcher James Drover
1916 W. A. Butler James Drover Charles Pitcher
1917 W. A. Butler Charles Pitcher Edmund Benson James Drover
1918 W. A. Butler Charles Pitcher James Drover Edmund Benson
1919 W. A. Butler Charles Pitcher Edmund Benson N. C. Pitcher
1920 Gordon Templeton R. Fowlow N. C. Pitcher James Drover C. Pitcher
1921 R. Fowlow C. Pitcher
1922 R. Fowlow Edmund Benson C. Pitcher L. Green
1923 R. Fowlow EdmundBenson A. J. Barfitt James Drover
1924 M. B. Way Edmund Benson
1925 M. B. Way M. Pitcher Edmund Benson E. Robbins
1926 S. R. Sheppard Edmund Benson J. Balsom
1927 S. R. Sheppard James Drover Edmund Benson
1928 S. R. Sheppard James Drover M. Pitcher
1929 S. R. Sheppard James Drover
1930 A. F. C. Rowe James Drover Edmund Benson Alexander Spurrell
1931 Claude D. T. Sparshott John Vey
1932 Claude D. T. Sparshott Llewellyn BarfittLeander Green Edmund BensonJames Drover Alexander Spurrell
1933 Claude D. T. Sparshott O. C. Dickenson E. L. Facey
1934 Claude D. T. Sparshott Alexander Spurrell Maxwell C. Lane William Rowe
1935 Claude D. T. Sparshott Alexander Spurrell Boyd King
1936 Joliffe L. Quinton Malcolm PitcherStephen Dodge Samuel Drover Edmund Benson
1937 Joliffe L. Quinton Oswald C. Dickenson Edmund BensonCharles Pitcher Alexander Spurrell Samuel C. Drover
1938 Oswald C. Dickenson Samuel Drover Alexander Spurrell Edmund Benson
1939 Oswald C. Dickenson James Pike Alexander Spurrell Stephen Dodge
1940 James Pike   Maxwell ParsonsAlexander Spurrell Thomas Lambert Edmund BensonCharles Pitcher
1941 James Pike Alexander SpurrellStephen Dodge Maxwell Parsons S. Miller
1942 James Pike H. M. Batten Maxwell Parsons Edmund Benson
1943 H. M. Batten
1944 H. M. Batten Alexander Spurrell Edmund Benson Reginald Morgan
1945 H. M. Batten Stephen Dodge
1946 M. C. M. Jones Edgar Bert Cheeseman Alexander Spurrell
1947 M. C. M. Jones Stephen Dodge
1948 M. C. M. Jones
1949 M. C. M. Jones G. Cull
1950 M. C. M. Jones
1951 M. C. M. Jones Alexander Spurrell Edgar B. Cheeseman
1952 Joseph W. Taylor Alexander Spurrell
1953 Joseph W. Taylor Edmund Benson Alexander Spurrell
1954 Joseph W. Taylor Alexander Spurrell
1955 Joseph W. Taylor
1956 Joseph W. Taylor Philip West
1957 Joseph W. Taylor Alexander Spurrell
1958 Joseph W. Taylor G. W. Ethridge George Barfitt
1959 G. W. Ethridge
1960 G. W. Ethridge Alexander Spurrell James Smith
1961 G. W. Ethridge H. M. Batten
1962 G. W. Ethridge Alexander Spurrell
1963 G. W. Ethridge
1964 G. W. Ethridge Alexander Spurrell
1965 G. W. Ethridge H. M. Batten L. M. VeyMaxwell Parsons Tasker King Alexander Spurrell


1.            The information was taken from the Church of England Parish Records for Random

2.            Possibly, one or more name spellings may be inaccurate, and thus be subject to correction

3.            Due to circumstances (e.g., absence of the clergyman at the time, or other), lay persons often performed the burial ceremony. Occasionally, this might have been by a person of another denomination.


Transcribed by Eric Stringer, August 2014

These transcriptions may contain human errors. As always, confirm these as you would any other source material.