There’s more choice than you think

Reprinted from Decks Awash, Volume 15, Number 6
November – December 1986
Photographs from MUN Digital Archives

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Craig Bishop

Craig Bishop has the same problem with transportation as other Hatchet Cove residents 17 years old, but he looks on the bright side. It’s his last year at school, which means no more early breakfasts before the long drive to Clarenville.

“I would have liked to take part in school softball. It’s the only sport in the communities—there are no hockey rinks,” Craig tells us between classes at Clarenville Integrated High School. “Once you get your driver’s licence, there’s more choice in what you can do. Most young people are into sports one way or another or you can go in the woods. There’s lots of fishing done around here and in the winter we go out for turrs. They’re plentiful most winters.”

We wonder if Craig has plans for the future.

“My father works at the refinery in Come by Chance—he’s one of the few people left at the refinery. This past two weeks he had to work overtime checking everything out for the new buyers. I don’t have any inclination to get into the oil industry—it’s too insecure at the moment. What I have planned is to take law at Dalhousie University in Halifax.”

Craig’s quiet way of making his points looks like it will win cases if his plans pan out.


Transcribed by Wanda Garrett, January 2019

These transcriptions may contain human errors. As always, confirm these as you would any other source material.