The Evening Advocate

April 27, 1921, Page 6


Mrs. Jane Benson At Gooseberry Cove Celebrates Her 100th Birthday


Gooseberry Cove, April 1st 1921

Dear Sir:- Will you please permit me space in your valuable columns to report the following which is about an old lady who is now at the ripe old age of 100 years, whose name is Mrs. Jane Benson, widow of David Benson, Hillview.

She was born at Grates Cove in the year of 1821 and was the daughter of George and Mary Cooper. Her mother died when she was 3 years old. She then went to live with he Aunt. When she was 14 years old she went housekeeper for her father and three brothers. She lived with them until she was 21 years old, then she was married to Mr. David Benson.

She is the mother of ten children, seven sons and three daughters, she also adopted three others, two girls and one boy, namely Mary Benson who was married to Mr. Ambrose Brewer, Susanna Cooper who married Mr. Thomas Churchill late of Hillview, Random, T.B., and Mr. Eli Frost who died out in Spain, during the great war. All her own children are died except her youngest daughter, Lydia who is married to Mr. William H. Seward Sr. of Gooseberry Cove, Random, T.B., with whom she has lived this past 28 years.

All her children were married except two, one son who died at the age of 8 months and another son at the age of 27 years. She is the grand mother of 28 grand-children and great grand mother of 60.

For 47 years she lived at Grates Cove with her family, then she removed to Northern Bight, now renamed Hillview, and her family was the first inhabitants of the above named place, where she lived 25 years. Her husband died ten years before she left Hillview to come and live with her daughter, Mrs. Seward. She was 100 years old the 15th of March 1921, and is now able to get up and dress and walk down stairs without any assistance, and can take up her youngest great grand child and feed him.

It would do one good to hear her tell of her experiences in Grates Cove and elsewhere. Of all the hardships that she has gone through she has it well and comfortable now in her old days, because her daughter has done all in her power to make her so. Before finishing this I would like to say that most of her grandchildren have been good to her including those who are now residing at Brooklyn, New York, namely Mrs. Rev. Kenneth Richards nee Miss Laura Maud Benson, and her brother Allan G.G. Benson, who was Customs Officers at Clarenville for quite a time past, and Hudson Benson, who is living with his sister, also others residing at Hillview and Southport, T.B.

Trusting to see this inserted in your valuable columns and thanking you for space.

I remain, L.S.S.

(We are glad to have this letter telling of Mrs. Benson. How much better is it to record the virtues of each other while alive and well. We hope Mrs. Benson will live many more years yet. Are there any others who have reached the century mark? – Ed.)


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