The Evening Advocate, 1919

May 8, 1919, page 5

From Butter Cove

A very quiet but pretty wedding took place Tuesday, April 22nd [1919] at the home of Mr. Moses Seward Sr. when Mr. Levi Green was united in the holy bonds of Matrimony to Mrs. Isabella Smith daughter of Mr. Moses Spurrell of Butter Cove. The bride looked charming in her suit of white voile, with hat to match. The bride’s boys and bride’s girls are as follows: Mr. Alex Spurrell, as best man, brother of the bride and Miss Gertrude Sheppard. C of. E. teacher, as chief bride’s maid; Mr. James Smith, brother-in-law of the bride, and Miss Alice Smith, sister-in-law of the bride. Rev. D. E. Freke took the ceremony. After the ceremony was performed the happy couple wended their way to the home of the bride’s parents where a pleasant evening was spent by all. On Saturday the happy couple went by motor boat to their future home, St. Jones Without. We all wish them, many happy years of wedded bliss.

On Wednesday the C. E. W. A. held their annual sale of work in the school room. They raised the tidy little sum of $33.00. We must not forget to the outside people who came to help us through, although the night was very stormy, also Mrs. Vey and Mrs. David Spurrel who also helped by sending their splendid gifts to us, also the men of Butter Cove who went on the door. We express our sincere thanks to also the men who were here from Port de Grave, who helped

I think nearly all the boat building is finished here now, and all launched, except Mr. Ralph Spurrell’s.

We are sorry to say our teacher, Miss G. Sheppard, will soon be leaving after teaching at Butter Cove for two years. We all wish her much success in her next school.

All the men are beginning to get ready for the fishery and I wish them the very best of health and a prosperous voyage. They want to make a good one, as everything is so expensive, but we are in hopes Mr. Coaker will soon get ahead and make some things cheaper.

Wishing Mr. Coaker and your esteemed paper every success.

I remain, “Lick for Smadder”, Butter Cove


Transcribed by Wanda Garrett, September 2019

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