Early History of Hearts’ Ease

reprinted from The Evening Telegram, 10 November 1923, by W.J.L

My recent visit to Random Sound has awakened in me an interest in the history of some of the places and people there; as far as it is recorded in the old church books. I have looked through those books, and herewith, I give a copy of the entries that I have found there of baptisms, marriages and burials of the people in that locality. The majority of-entries are in connection with Heart’s Ease, and one with Gooseberry Cove. In addition to those entries that I gave last week, I now give the following. They may at least awaken interesting memories even though they do not supply any valuable information. The persons, whose names appear most often are John and Mary Baker, of Heart’s Ease. There is no record of their marriage; but, probably, that is because they were married before the church records were begun. The following children are recorded in the Baptismal Register (between the dates 1785 and 1808) as those of John and Mary Baker of Hearts Ease: viz, Nancy, Mary, Elizabeth, Henry, John, Joseph, James, Thomas, and Sarah. In the Burial Register is the following entry: “1807, interred, John Baker, Planter, of Heart’s Ease.”
The following entries are found in the Marriage Register:
1813 — Married, James Hiscock of Heart’s Ease and Julia Brennock of Bonaventure.
1823 — Married, Richard Seyior of Ryders Harbour and Catherine Delaney of Heart’s Ease.
1850 — Married, Philip White of Heart’s Ease and Susannah Pond of Salmon Cove.
1859 — Married, James Baker of Heart’s Ease and Susannah Pond of Ireland’s Eye.
1859 — Married, John Soward of Gooseberry Cove and Mary Short of Hant’s Harbour.
1864 — Married, John Ryan of Ship Cove and Hannah Farrell of Heart’s Ease.

I have reasons to believe that John Baker went to Heart’s Ease from Trinity at an early date in his married life. I wonder if my friend William Martin of Little Heart’s Ease (or his people) came from Hant’s Harbour? If so he may know something of Henry and Sarah Martin, as given in the following entry: “1804, Baptized, two sons and a daughter to Henry and Sarah Martin of Hant’s Harbour — Abraham, Joseph, Jane.” It is quite possible that I have missed some other entries in my search, and I shall be glad, at any time, to renew the search if other information is needed.


Transcribed by Wanda Garrett, November 2014

These transcriptions may contain human errors. As always, confirm these as you would any other source material.