South West Arm students brave it for a good cause

Reprinted from The Packet, May 22, 2015
by Barbara Dean-Simmons

  • The cut is nearly done and Max Petruk is sporting a new look, as well as a feeling of pride for having raised $1,000 for cancer research. (Photo credit: Barbara Dean-Simmons/TC Media)

Raise over $3,800 for cancer research

Jaden Williams admits he was “a little bit scared” today.

However, the six-year-old Grade 1 student from South West Arm Academy, braved the date with the clippers to say goodbye to his head full of beautiful curls to help others.

Jaden was one of 11 students from the small school in Little Heart’s Ease who lost their locks today in the school’s first official Shave for the Brave event to raise money for cancer research.

The Grade 1 student had a little bit of extra moral support today. His Dad, Matthew Drodge, was sitting alongside him on the stage in the school auditorium, losing a foot-long ponytail in favour of a close shave.

Matthew was challenged by his son to participate in the event. And for every dollar Jaden raised, his Dad matched it with a dollar and agreed to go under the clippers as well.

The students who participated in the school’s first official Shave for the Brave event ranged from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Five-year-old Payton Roberts had a nervous smile as he held up for the shave. His mom, Crystal, says he decided to participate after she gave him a lot of information about the event, and how it helps other people.

Grade One student Chase Nicholle was excited about participating from the start, says his mother Amanda.

“He came to me the day they got the information from school,” she says. He was eager to get involved right from the start.

For a small school — just 90 students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 — the event was a big success.

At last count today, the students had collected $3,873.25 and principal Leon Porter says they expect more money to be dropped off at the school over the next few days.Grade 7 student Mason Petruk earned the accolades for most money raised by a single student — collecting $1,000 for the event.

While there were some nervous smiles as hairdresser Kesley Smith rid them of their locks, they all smiled as principal Porter fitted them out with their bright yellow toques.When asked why he had decided to participate, Jaden Williams replied, “I just wanted to help someone else.”