Southwest Arm Academy wins Best Overall Production at Vista Drama Fest

SWA to represent Vista region at provincials in May 

Reprinted from The Packet, March 27, 2017

Southwest Arm Academy

Southwest Arm Academy is this year’s Vista region winners for best overall production.

Local students stretched their acting chops last week, performing in the annual Vista Regional Drama Festival.

The festival began Wednesday, March 22, with three performances.

Clarenville Middle School performed a rendition of Don Zolidas play “It’s  Not Me, It’s You”.  Bishop White followed with a performance of Nathan J. Diperri’s  “Miss Wallace Rhymes with William”.  Clarenville High concluded the first night of the festival with an adaption of “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller.

Southwest Arm Academy opened the festival Thursday night with a performance of Mariah Eveman’s “Rapunzel Uncut”.  Random Island Academy then performed  “Six Cups”, an original script written by cast director Matthew Cook and the festival’s final production. The night concluded with a photo slideshow and then the awards ceremony.


The Witch (played by Marissa Spurrell) cutting Rapunzel’s (played by Darlene Lyver) hair in Southwest Arm Academy’s performance of “Rapunzel Uncut”.

Southwest Arm Academy, winner of best overall production, will head to the Provincial Drama Festival, held in St. John’s in early May.

List of individual award winners:
Claire Spurrell – SWA
Cassie Seward – SWA
Darlene Lyver – SWA
Jesse Smith – SWA
Tristian Seward – SWA
Marissa Seward – SWA
Emily Seward – SWA
Kaylah Trowbridge – CMS
Zach Green – CMS
Cameron Snow – CMS
Emma Howse – CMS
April Short – BW
Monica Hiscock – BW
Tyler Hiscock – BW
Jennifer Hart – RIA
Devin Kelly – RIA
Gregory Hoskins – RIA
Keisha Kelly – RIA
AJ Simms – CHS
Faith Hollohan – CHS
Kira Skinner – CHS

Lighting and sound award – Sarah Stringer – SWA
Light design and lighting – Cody King – RIA
Best on stage death – Zach Green – CMS
Extraordinary Acting award – Keisha Kelly – RIA
Extraordinary Acting Award – AJ Simms – CH
Best Costumes – BW
Best set Design – BW
Pacing award – CMS
Best set Change – CHS
Performance of a Classical Text – CHS
Choreography – CHS
Best Ensemble performance – SWA
Best overall production – SWA