Southwest Arm Fire Department diligent with training

Reprinted from The Packet, October 30, 2015
by Jonathan Parsons

SWA Fire Dept 2015

The Southwest Arm Volunteer Fire Department.


Deputy chief says practice makes perfect

The Southwest Arm Volunteer Fire Department was out in full effect last Saturday, Oct. 24, but it wasn’t to answer a call for an emergency response. The firefighters were participating in training all day to better prepare themselves for such a call.

The Southwest Arm Fire Department covers the entire area from Long Beach to Southport.

The training took place at both the fire hall in Hodge’s Cove and at the training centre.

The firefighters in attendance were trained in many different aspects of firefighting. Much of the day’s work centred around vehicle firefighting, including extraction and rescue.

The group also practised smoke house training, pump training and holding tank training.

Deputy Chief Randell Meadus said the all-day event was excellent.

“Training is the main source for firefighting,” Meadus told The Packet. “If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s no good to be there.”

The department thanked the Firettes for providing coffee and muffins at the training centre as well as supplying and serving lunch at the fire hall.