The Skipper Parson on the Bays and Barrens of Newfoundland by James Lumsden

The Rev. James Lumsden was born in Glasgow, Scotland, September 1854. Later, the family moved to Manchester, England. At an early age, James converted to God, and in 1881 came from England to enter the work of the Methodist Church in Newfoundland. He preached for two years at Random.

In Chapter III of his book, he tells about being shipwrecked on The Llewellyn – a schooner owned by John Vey (1844-1916) of Long Beach. Chapters IV to VII are about his time in Random.


Click here to read Chapter III – Shipwreck – The Llewellyn: First Incident; Weather; Quarters Below; Son of Bacchus; Night in Trinity Bay; Fatal Crash; Rush for the Deck; The Scene; Our Lifeboat; Last of the Llewellyn; Shag Rock; Open Boat; A Pleasing Incident; Ireland’s Eye; House of Refuge; Thanksgiving; Morning Reflections.

Click here to read Chapter VI – The Way I Commenced My Ministry: Action not Thought; First Sabbath; Spiritual Conflict; Random Arm; Northern Bight; First Services; Dilemma; Shoal Harbor; Parsonage; Meeting with Mr. Lewis; Friendly Aid; Letter from the President.

Click here to read Chapter V – Random South: First Circuit; Circuit Cruiser; Plain Living and High Thinking; Getting Around; First Lesson in Snowshoeing; Christmas; “A Nor’easter”; Inglewood Forest; Walk along the Frozen Shore; Tramp across the Open Country.

Click here to read Chapter VI – Flags in Trinity: A Substitute for a Bell; A more Novel Method; Fish; Favorite Beverage; Brewis; Newfoundland Dog; Wretched Mongrel Breed; Pests; Jack of All Trades; Singing; Little Sense of the Value of Time; Original Use of a Burning Log; Theology of the Fishermen; Scene in Labrador; Original Thinking; Love of Country.

Click here to read Chapter VII – Sesons of Refreshing: Revivals; Circumstance Attending Commencement; A Ship’s Crew Converted; The Widow’s Son; An Opponent Converted; Abraham Martin; The Work Sustained; Lay Readers; Deer Harbor; On of the Secrets of Succsss

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