General/Grocery Stores, Long Beach

Stephen and Lydia Ann (Green) Barfett’s Store

Store and home of Stephen Barfett taken in 1974. (Photo credit Gary Barfitt)

Long Beach 1974. You can see the Barfett store and home in the middle of this picture on the right side. (Photo credit Gary Barfitt)

Mary Louisa (Vey) Barfitt (1889-1977)

Mary Louisa had a store for a number of years.





Elsie (Dawe) Vey (1905-1986)

Elsie took over the post office from her mother-in-law (Fanny (King) Vey).  She continued to run the post office from her mother-in-law’s house. Elsie also had a small store in her home a number of years. When Elsie moved to Corner Brook, she turned to post office over to her Julie (Harris) Vey, wife of Daniel Vey who was Elsie’s husband’s first cousin once removed.




Fanny (King) Vey (1882-1959)

Fanny took over the post office for Long Beach from her mother-in-law (Mary Ann (Wilcox) King Vey) in 1912. Fanny ran the post office for over 40 years out of her home. She also had a small store.





May (Parsons) Vey (1903-1996)

May Vey operated a little store just down from her home in Long Beach. Her daughter-in-law, Sylvia (Smith) Vey took over the store for a number of years, from about 1970 to 1986. 

Aunt May’s store, c1975 (Photo credit Gary Barfitt)

Aunt May’s store, c1975. The store was just down the lane from her house (house not shown in the photo). (Photo credit Gary Barfitt)

Aunt May’s old store used as a shed.


Reg and Vennie Vey

Edwin Bishop and Shirley Keel standing in front of Reg Vey’s store, 1962 (Photo courtesy Edwin Bishop)

Henrietta Vey (1896-1972)

Long Beach Post Office, c1950s (Photo courtesy Donna Vey)

Henrietta operated the post office from her house after her sister-in-law, Julie (Harris) Vey, moved to St. John’s. Henrietta also had a little shop up the lane from her house. 






Mary Gladys Vey (1926-2008)

Mary Gladys took over the shop from her mother-in-law, Henrietta Vey. She called the shop Vey’s Variety. Later, Mary Gladys moved her store to the basement of her new house. She operated her store for 17 years (about 1969-1986). 

Karen (Vey) Spurrell

House where Karen had her store. (Photo credit Ollie Vey, 2017)

Karen took over her mother’s store in 1986 and operated it out of her parent’s basement for a little over a year. In 1987 Karen built a piece onto her parents old two-story house. Karen’s Convenience was open for 13 years. In 2000, Karen’s Convenience closed in Long Beach and moved to Gooseberry Cove.