Job Brothers & Co.

Reprinted from Newfoundland Weekly, December 13, 1930
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Herring Factory Destroyed by Fire

According to a message received by the Postal Telegraphs from the operator at Hillview, T. B., a fire of unknown origin occurred at Heart’s Ease, Thursday night at 8 o’clock in the factory operated by Mr. John Houston, for the curing of herring, and the building was totally destroyed. When the fire was discovered a number of men were engaged smoking some herring, and the flames spread so rapidly that they had to make a hurried exit from the building. The

fire was confined to the one building, although a bungalow situated alongside, had a narrow escape. Upwards to 250 barrels of smoked herring, ready for shipment, and a quantity of netting, went up in smoke. The message also stated that willing helpers, while the fire was at its height and at great danger to themselves, succeeded in rolling a number of barrels of gasoline from the factory into the water. The building, of wood construction, was owned by Messrs Job Brothers & Co., Ltd. Some insurance was carried on both building and stock. Mr. Clouston, it is understood, was at Heart’s Ease when the fire occurred.