Other Businesses, Hodge’s Cove

Reprinted with permission from the book Hodge’s Cove by Eric Stringer, 2011


Random Supplies

The building that was later converted to a house by Randy and Claudine Avery had previously been a hardware store owned and operated for a while by Leander Drover and his brother-in-law Willis Peddle, Sr.

Random Supplies

Random Supplies


Stephen Smith, Jr.

Before the highroad became a public thoroughfare, Steve used to run a passenger service in the South West Arm. A significant number of these trips related to folk going to or coming from the train at Northern Bight Station (several miles in back of North West Brook).


J & S Trophy Shop

In/from the basement of his house, Joe and Sheila Stringer have operated

J & S Trophy Shop, Ltd. since its beginning in 1982. Embroidered and printed clothing, engraved trophies and plaques, and general giftware, were the items of trade.


Sou’West Contractors

Fred Drover and brother-in-law Levi Churchill were the owner/operators of this hardware store located on the main road across from St. Andrews United Church. Plumbing and heating and electrical supplies, tools, as well as paint and other items (nails, etc.) were the stock-in-trade.


Baker’s Hardware

Rick and Sylvia Baker owned/operated this store which was located just a few feet from their house. Plumbing and heating, electrical, painting, and other items (nails, etc.) were sold at this store.

Baker's Hardward

Baker’s Hardware


Carol’s Ceramics

This business Carol and Clyde operated from the basement of their house. Items formed from their own molds and kiln were sold locally and ‘abroad’.


Minnie’s Ceramics

This business Minnie and Fred operated from their multi-purpose building adjacent to their house. Using their molds and kiln, many products were produced in this facility and sold in centers around the province.


Trudy’s Ceramics

Trudy and John Price operated their business from the basement of their home. Products were sold in various shopping centers, etc. around the province.


Exotic Lounge

Fred T. Smith and Donald Smith (no relation) had built and operated a night club / dance hall / bar located on the main road in the former community of Island Cove. It got its name from a schooner the Exotic operated by Fred’s father Will and family.

Exotic Lounge

Exotic Lounge