Float Plane Lands

Reprinted with permission from the book Hodge’s Cove by Eric Stringer, 2011

Sometime in the pre-WW II years (believed to be in 1934, the event having been associated with the year Gerald Peddle of Hodge’s Cove was born), there was an occurrence in Hodge’s Cove that may have been a-once-in-a-lifetime event.

One day several locals were dazed to first hear, and shortly thereafter see, a little red float plane carrying a pilot named Fraser and a woman patient bound for a St. John’s hospital, come soaring down the Arm and veer in toward Hodge’s Cove Pond. Somewhat lost in a snow flurry, Fraser saw the pond as a temporary place of refuge and alit there.

Of course, it wasn’t long before the whole scene was alive with curious on-lookers. Consider also that it would be at least a couple of decades before a highroad and automobile traffic would first come to Hodge’s Cove.

With improved weather conditions and having been advised of the telegraph wire crossing the pond, the pilot presently taxied to the end of the waterway and was soon off to complete the mission.

A humorous aside: An Island Cove man, well known for his ‘fleet-footedness’, was said to have hastily made his way to Hodge’s Cove and excitedly announced, “He’ll soon be here now!!” (No doubt, a somewhat exaggerated little tale attributed to the man .. maybe added by someone’s later relating of the event.)