Southwest Arm Historical Society

Mission Statement:

The Southwest Arm Historical Society is a non-profit organization committed to researching, preserving and promoting the history of all communities, both current and re-settled, in the greater Southwest Arm area.

Aims and Objectives:

  • to promote the study, knowledge and preservation of the history of the Southwest Arm area;
  • to give and arrange lectures, publish books, create a website, etc. dealing with that history;
  • to preserve records, buildings and sites which may be of historic value or interest and erect monuments or memorials commemorating or recording events of historic interest of the South West Arm area;
  • to enter into arrangements with governmental authorities or municipal authorities that seem conducive to the Society’s objectives and obtain from any such authority any rights, privileges or concessions, which the Society may think desirable to obtain;
  • to do all other things necessary for the fulfillment of the aims and objectives that are legal and do not jeopardize the Society’s status as a charitable organization.

Current Projects

  • to set a firm foundation for the organization.
  • to create a website to share the history of South West Arm.
  • to sponsor a Heritage Fair.
  • to recognize the now resettled community of Heart’s Ease Beach as a provincial Historic site.

For more information please contact the SW Arm Historical Society.