Southwest Arm War Memorial Financial Report

The Southwest Arm Historical Society is happy to report that Phase I of our War Memorial is completed. Phase II will begin in the spring. Here is the financial report for what we have done, so far. So many thanks for your support.

Southwest Arm War Memorial Financial Report

Revenue (from fundraisers/organizations/businesses/federal government)

Oct. 6, 2020       Goobies Rentals & Contracting Ltd.                                            300.00
July 13, 2021     Peddle Sisters and Guests Outdoor Concert                                882.00
July 13, 2021     Clarenville Lions Club/Consumers Co-op                                  1500.00
July 22, 2021     Southwest Arm Lions Club 50/50                                                 960.00
Oct. 16, 2021     Ticket Sales (on 3 donated items)                                                945.00
Oct. 26, 2021     Deluxe Floating Dock                                                                   250.00
Oct. 26, 2021     DRC Publishing                                                                              50.00
Nov. 6, 2021      The Haunted Hike (Abraham’s Trail)                                            580.00
Nov. 7, 2021      Clarenville Home Hardware                                                          500.00
Nov. 11, 2021    Royal Canadian Legion, Clarenville Branch (Poppy Fund)        1500.00  
Nov. 24, 2021    Veterans Affairs Canada (Grant)                                                25000.00 
   Subtotal                                                                                                             32467.00
Up to Nov. 24/21 Donations from veterans’ families and the general public      28984.56
Total Revenue                                                                                                   61451.56


Sept. 25, 2020  NL Exchequer (land registration)                                                 100.00   
Oct. 6, 2020     Goobies Rentals (excavation of site)                                          5301.50
Nov. 3, 2020     GB Signs Ltd. (sign to advertise site of new war memorial)       149.50  
May 12, 2021   Windco Enterprises (down payment on flagpoles)                     2000.00
June 1, 2021     PreCon Manufacturing Inc. (retaining wall)                            12104.90   
Oct. 25, 2021    Windco Enterprises (remainder on flagpoles and flags)             4233.00
Nov. 7, 2021     Clarenville Home Hardware (fencing materials)                        1481.18
Nov. 18, 2021   Rock Edge Designs (war memorial)                                         21703.30
Nov. 18, 2021   Clarenville Home Hardware (fencing material)                              22.41
Nov. 18, 2021   Family Memorials Ltd. (war memorial)                                   23296.70     
Nov. 19, 2021   PreCon Manu. Inc.(pavers, edging, step, fence installation)      4651.75
  Total Expenses                                                                       75044.24       

Total Expenses:                                                                                                   75044.24
Total Revenue:                                                                                                   61451.56
Difference paid from Southwest Arm Historical Society regular account*      13592.68

(*Difference paid from funds raised over the past years from: Pickin ‘n ‘Grinnin concerts, 50/50 draws, Clarenville Lions Club/Co-op donation, membership fees, sale of booklets, banners, dvd’s, Royal Canadian Legion donation, etc.)

Phase I: Completed

Phase II: We will still need to collect donations and raise funds to complete this phase, which will include storyboards, benches, walkway, paving stones on back of the war memorial and further landscaping.

Southwest Arm War Memorial


  1. Grandy family says

    Congratulations on a job well done by the SWAHS committee and by all who volunteered
    time, talent, effort and money.
    So fitting to erect this monument in memory of the brave souls from our SWA.
    It must have been a special moment at the unveiling ceremony.
    We hope to visit this site in the future.

    Best Regards,

    Dave Grandy, Louise Drover-Grandy & Melanie Grandy
    Mississauga, ON

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