In Memory of…

Sidney Smith  
Lester and Helen Green father William Jacobs
Elizabeth Brown John Brown
Shirley and Doug Knight  
Janet Smith  
Eric and Ethel Smith father John Peddle and brothers Willis and Josiah Drover
Joe and Doris Peddle great uncle Bill Peddle
Lucy Martin and Eliab Smith uncles Eliab Smith, Winston Hiscock, and Joshua Hiscock
Steve and Lorraine Knight  
John and Elaine Spurrell uncles Alex Peddle and Abraham Spurrell
Gene Peddle father Stewart Peddle and grandfather Andrew Peddle
Maisie Ploughman father Benjamin Smith and his brothers
Gary Peddle father Nelson Peddle and grandfathers Andrew Peddle and Albert Drover
Levi and Myra Churchill father Caleb Churchill
Mildred and Jack Bishop Drovers and Bishops
Earle and Winnie Smith parents Leander and Catherine Drodge
Donald Smith family who served
Daisy and Lyndon Whalen Nathaniel Whalen
Harold Peddle and Sue Grenier father Alex Peddle and grandfather Silas Boone
Rev. Brian Hannon  
Maxine and Raymond Langor great uncle Richard Spurrell
Joe and Ninie Smith uncle Richard Spurrell
Linda Peddle parents Leander and Catherine Drodge
Ralph King father Absalom King and friend Leander Drover
Georgi Drover and Mackie Lambert father George Drover, grandfathers  James Drover and Eucleus Lambert, and great uncles John and Thomas Lambert
Tim Drodge grandfather Albert Drodge and great uncle Eli Drodge
Lindsay and Ethel Peddle fathers Alex Peddle and Chesley Tucker, grandfathers Silas Boone and Eli Drodge
Betty Stringer brothers Esau, George, and Benjamin Baker
Sarah Sharpe George Martin and Harry Sharpe