Church Histories

List of Ministers

Church of England / Anglican

  1. A Brief Early History of the Church of England in Random, Trinity Bay
  2. All Saints Church, North West Brook
  3. Church of St. Michael, Hillview
  4. St. Aidan’s Church, Queen’s Cove
  5. St. Alban’s Anglican Church, Gooseberry Cove
  6. St. Mark’s Anglican Church, Long Beach
  7. St. Mary’s Anglican Church, Hodge’s Cove
  8. St. Stephen’s Church, Hatchet Cove
  9. Moses Martin – designed and constructed the interior of St. Alban’s Church
  10. Miss Myra’s Ministry
  11. Lay Ministers Recognized at the Parish of the Holy Spirit
  12. Paper on Random by Rev. R. Holland Taylor
  13. Two Missionaries At “Random” by the Rev. R. Holland Taylor
  14. Visitation Voyage, 1907 (Fox Harbour, Hodge’s Cove, Long Beach and Northern Bight)
  15. St. Aidan’s Church Rededicated, October 9, 1983
  16. Rev. John Courage inducted new rector of Random parish, October 8, 1983
  17. Church of England Episcopal Work, 1907

Methodist / United Church

  1. History of Methodism
  2. Little Heart’s Ease Days by Rev. Melvin R. Ralph
  3. Bethany United Church, Southport
  4. Grace United Church, Hillview
  5. St. Andrew’s United Church, Hodge’s Cove
  6. St. Jones Within
  7. Dedicated Three Churches in One Day
  8. Three new Methodists Churches Dedicated
  9. Little Heart’s Ease, 1929
  10. Church News from Little Heart’s Ease, 1933


  1. Pentecostal Assembly, Little Heart’s Ease, Holds Dedication Service
  2. Dedication of New Pentecostal Church, Little Heart’s Ease, 1985
  3. Pioneer Ministry … And God Was There, 2005 

Roman Catholic


Salvation Army

  1. Salvation Army Citadel, Little Heart’s Ease