Clay Pitts

This storyboard was created and placed in Clay Pitts by Chris Vardy in memory of his parents.

A tribute to Myrtle (Short) & William James Vardy

by Chris Vardy

William James Vardy (Photo courtesy Chris Vardy)

Dad (William / Willie Vardy) was married to Sadie Vincent of Cape Island and they had four children, Bernice, Charlie, Edna & Frances. At the time around 1945-6, Sadie was very ill and Bill contacted Annette (Nete) Vardy as she was working at the Salvation Army’s hostel for young woman in St. John’s, seeking assistance in finding someone to care for his sick wife and his four children, all under the age of 10 years. A tall order and a challenge indeed. When Bill called Nete, she said she had the perfect person to do the job. This person was Myrtle Short from Types Cove, Trinity Bay. Myrtle started working for Bill, caring for his ill wife Sadie and all the duties of cleaning, cooking, and caring for his four small children. A short time passed and Sadie succumbed to her illness and passed away. Myrtle stayed on looking after the four children while the family was going through a most heartfelt and difficult time of loosing a wife and Mother of his children.

Myrtle (Short) Vardy. (Photo courtesy Chris Vardy)

Time passed and Bill became very attached to Myrtle having seen up close what a wonderful, diligent, hardworking & caring person she was. In 1949, William and Myrtle were married. This was another start to a second family which Myrtle raised. Three more children were born of this couple, Ed, Chris, & Linda, bringing the blended family to seven. Bill was a hard working carpenter who excelled in custom made doors and windows in a shop on Merrymeeting Road while continuing to steer his children in the right direction. Myrtle was the rock of the family supporting Bill in every way as well as working along side him upkeeping the rental houses he built while ensuring a well fed family, a clean home and being very supportive in every way, both in her home and in her community.

Myrtle (Short) Vardy (Photo courtesy Chris Vardy)

Bill retired from the carpenter shop in 1969 and passed away in 1972. It was a devasting time for Myrtle as she had never worked outside the home and was now forced to find a job among other things in order to keep a home on her own. What a driver she was in so many ways. At the age of 50 she got her first job outside the home as all the seven children were ow finding their own way in the world. A couple of years on, Myrtle got her drivers licence through sheer determination. She was such a cool nanny driving her Mustang in the neighborhood. Myrtle moved to Pasadena in 1984 with Ed and his family. There she continued to help Ed and Kay with their three children. After several years she moved back to St. John’s and lived very independently. Myrtle had a terrific sense of humor and was always the ‘go to’ person for the entire family. She lived to be 90 years old and died on October 18, 2012.

William & Myrtle attempted to visit Clay Pitts in 1970 however, they never did find its location.

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