Little Heart’s Ease Story Board

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Inshore Fishery-Changing  Times

The General Store

In 1957, Eldred and Mae (White) Drodge began buying both salted and fresh fish from local fishermen. In addition to groceries and dry goods, their general store sold fuel and fishing supplies. Small-scale enterprises such as this helped sustain the inshore fishery and the economy of Little Heart’s Ease.


Changing  Enterprises

The earliest known fishing enterprise at Little Heart’s Ease was located at the entrance to the harbour and owned by Job Brothers and Company Limited of St. John’s. After it burned down in the 1930s John Clouston who had managed it for Job Brothers, acquired the rights to operate a new business known as Clouston’s Factory.

It was subsequently replaced in the 1950s by a co-operative store located inside the harbour. That business was managed by Philip Marsh as a fishing enterprise and a general store. It was then purchased by P.J. Janes who later sold it to Eldred Drodge. The final owner and operator of the business at that location was George Warren and Sons Ltd. 

Changing Commodities

At Little Heart’s Ease, cod was king, but over time fishing ventures pursued other groundfish, herring, mackerel, squid, salmon, lobster, caplin, and most recently, snow crab. Fishing gear evolved from simple techniques like jiggers, handlines, and trawls, to codtraps, gillnets, seines, and pots allowing fishers to increase their landings.


Changing Boats

Boats used in the pursuit of the fishery have evolved from person driven boats that were rowed and augmented by wind, to gas and diesel powered engines. The variety of fishing vessels ranged from the colourfully named punts and bullies, to trap skiffs, schooners and more recently, longliners and seiners. 

The sounds of the putt-putt from single cylindered engines echoing off the cliffs have fallen silent, replaced by the sounds of diesel and 4-stroke gas driven boats.

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