Weldon Martin

Written by his son, Cory Martin


Weldon Martin was a wonderful man. He was dearly loved by his wife of 62 years, Elizabeth; three children, Deborah, Tim, and Cory; grandchildren Kelli, Kristin, Ryan, Stacey, Zachary and Kennedy along with great grandchildren Jayde, Hannah and Fitz.

Hard work and perseverance characterized this loving father, grandfather, and husband.

He was born in Caplin Cove, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland. Due to his mother’s untimely death when Weldon was only 3yrs old …. he was lovingly raised by his maternal family, Uncle Bill and Aunt Annie Martin.  Living in a Newfoundland outport and working on a merchant schooner with his extended family gave Weldon his eventual love of the ocean, boats, boatbuilding, and fishing. This would remain a lifelong passion. There was never a time when Weldon didn’t own a boat. There were a couple of times when he didn’t own a car – but he always had a boat.

Hard work was a given for Weldon growing up in the outport environment. Long days, rough seas and heavy cargo molded him into a strapping young man. He knew there had to be a better way to make ends meet. One early cold 5 a.m. morning, his uncle opened the door and shouted, “Let’s go Weldon…. time to set sail.” He had probably only been in the sack for a couple of hours after a night on the town. He said, “Not this morning… has to be an easier way to make a living than this.” And so, the next chapter was born.

Weldon moved to Corner Brook on the west coast of Newfoundland. He started to get entrepreneurial and took a job with a local produce company selling and delivering supplies to various out ports in the area.

One day, he was having lunch at a local diner, when he spotted an 18-year-old beauty, Elizabeth, celebrating her birthday with some friends. He wanted to get to know her better. Fortunately for Weldon, Elizabeth had to leave in a hurry and forgot her wallet on the seat. Weldon saw an opportunity. Now he knew her name and where she lived… so he went there to be a gentleman and return the lost wallet. When she offered a cash reward – he refused and said the only reward he was interested in was a kiss!

Weldon and Elizabeth married in 1956. Deborah, Tim and Cory would eventually round out the family.

In 1964, Weldon and Elizabeth decided to move to the big city (St. John’s) to start a business of their own. Soon “Martin’s Transport” was created and became Weldon’s next chapter in a hard-working career. The trucking company experience fostered a new passion for Weldon – trucks!

Oh by the way, failed to mention, during this few years Weldon spent his evenings building a 36ft cabin cruiser in the backyard… combining his love of boats and trucks.

His entrepreneurial spirit allowed him to manage a successful business for many years until grandchildren came into the picture. It was at this time that Weldon’s love of family caused him to reconsider life on the road. However, opportunity was not abundant on the island during this time, and Deborah and Tim decided to move to Manitoba and Alberta to pursue better career opportunities. Weldon once again decided to return to life on the road … until eventually the parents also decided to move out west and resettled in Fort McMurray, Alberta. Weldon soon made a good name for himself as a reliable driver and honest worker. He spent many winters hauling logs in the backroads of northern Alberta and would eventually land a job with a reputable Edmonton company using his own truck… a brand new Peterbilt. He would spend the rest of his working career behind the wheel of a “Big Rig.” He would love to take his kids and grandkids on trips in the big truck.

As Weldon began to spend more time with his family in later years, he renewed his love of fishing, boating, camping, snowmobiling, and other outdoor activities with children and grandchildren.

Then in 2014, that sweet 18-year-old girl he met at the diner began to forget things. The years ensuing were tough and Weldon once again showed his ability to navigate long days and rough seas by caring for her until he simply could not anymore.

Weldon will always be remembered for his dry wit; his love of the outdoors; his tireless hard work ethic; and, his unwillingness to change who he was to appease anyone.

But most importantly, Weldon will be remembered for his dedication and love for his family.

Set Sail Weldon!… the winds are light and the seas are calm.

Until our ships pass again one day!