Name of Vessel ANNIE
Type of Vessel  
Owner Name(s) and Residence George Shaw
Official Number(s)  
Year of Construction  
Place of Construction  
Number of Decks  
Number of Masts  
Gross Tonnage  
Net Tonnage  
Registered Tonnage  
Registered Year  
Port of Registry  
Registry Closed  


The Telegram, November 3, 1881


The Schooner “Annie” Badly Damaged.

On Tuesday night last the fore-and-aft schooner Annie, owned by Mr. George Shaw of Southwest Arm, Random, was badly damaged by a collision. It seems that while coming out of Trinity Bay, on her way to this port, she was ran into by a schooner bound in, supposed to belong to Hants Harbor. The Annie lost her jibboom and was cut down to the covering boards forward of the fore chains. No lights were shown by either craft.


Return showing the number of ships built in Newfoundland, where built, name of builders, tonnage, on which bounty has been paid, the amount, and to whom paid, for the year 1878.

Vessels’ Name: Ann
Tonnage: 36
Where built: Heart’s Ease, Trinity Bay
Name of builders: George Shaw, Hearts’ Ease
Amount Paid: $108
To whom paid: P & L Tessler