Name of Vessel SUNFLOWER
Type of Vessel Wooden schooner
Owner Name(s) and Residence Peter Germon Tessier, Merchant, St. John’s (1890 Mercantile Navy List)
Owner Name(s) and Residence Lewis Tessier, Merchant, St. John’s
Owner Name(s) and Residence John Peddle, Hodge’s Cove
Official Number(s) 84707
Year of Construction 1881
Place of Construction Random – Master builder David Peddle
Number of Decks  1
Number of Masts  2
Length  72 feet
Width  22 feet
Depth  9 feet
Gross Tonnage  77
Net Tonnage  70
Registered Tonnage  
Registered Year 1881
Port of Registry St. John’s, Newfoundland
Remarks Lost at Kettlepix (?), Labrador on August 12, 1890
Registry Closed December 28, 1894


Evening Herald, July 24, 1901

Fishery News

The schr. ‘Sunflower’ arrived last evening from Heart’s Ease with 15,000 brick. She reports that the traps are being taken in down there most of them having accrued small fares. Some have as high as 100 qtls. ashore and line men have taken to date 15 qtls.