W.J. Ellison under full sail

W.J. Ellisson under full sail.


Name of Vessel W.J. ELLISSON
Type of Vessel Sailing
Owner Name(s) and Residence David Stoyles, Hillview (1940 Mercantile Navy List)
Official Number(s) 159643  /  S935060
Year of Construction 1935
Place of Construction Hillview – master builder John T. Drodge of Caplin Cove
Number of Decks 1
Number of Masts 2
Length 70 feet
Width 22 feet
Depth 9 feet
Gross Tonnage 68
Net Tonnage 63
Registered Tonnage 68
Registered Year 1935
Port of Registry St. John’s, Newfoundland
Remarks Vessel registered anew in consequence of alterations at (Port) No. 3 in 1949
Registry Closed January 15, 1949

Additional information: This vessel was named after David Stoyles three sons: Weldon, John, and Ellison.

This vessel was sold to Harvey Taker of Grand Entry, Magdalen Islands, Quebec on 6 April 1954. 


WJ Ellison WJ Ellison launch WJ Ellison launch Hillview


Western Star, September 19, 1947 – Gloomy Outlook For Fishing Industry, Queen’s Cove (From our correspondent):
Many fishing crews have returned home this week from the Labrador fishery. Very discouraging news has been brought along. The shore men on that part of the Coast have done practically nothing making a failure three years in succession while the floaters have done not much better.
The schooner Ivy Francis, Captain Eli Drodge of Little Heart’s Ease and the schooner W. J. Allison, Captain David Stoyles of Hillview have arrived having secured 200 quintals each. Each of these schooners carries a crew of eleven men but many of these men will have sufficient time to provide for the winter as they will be able to proceed to the lumber camps but there are several of these fishermen who will not find employment in the woods as they are too old and others are cripple.” What about such men as these ? One can forsee bad times coming to the common labourers of Newfoundland and if it were not for the Paper Companies hard times would be here now.


This vessel was sold to Harvey Taker of Grand Entry, Magdalen Islands, Quebec on 6 April 1954. 


W.J. Ellisson, 1973


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