Charles Churchill’s Wooden Leg

by Isabel Meadus Rowsell for the Meadus Family.

This leg was made by the late Henry Meadus of Grates Cove, Trinity Bay, 95 years ago.

Henry Meadus of Grates Cove went to Hillview – Ivany’s Cove area by schooner each fall cutting wood for the winter. On one of his visits he met Thomas Churchill’s family.

The story goes like this. Henry was quite interested in Thomas’ daughter Elizabeth Jane. On one of his visits he met Charlie, Thomas’ brother. Charlie only had one leg because of a logging accident. Henry felt very sorry for Charlie, so he went home to Grates Cove and decided he was going to do something to help him.

During the winter months he worked on this leg and the following fall took it back to Charlie. It fitted with very few adjustments. From then on with deep gratitude to Henry Meadus he lived a full and successful life.

A few years later Henry Meadus married Thomas Churchill’s daughter Elizabeth Jane thus making Charlie Churchill our great uncle.

When Great Uncle Charlie walked the dark roads at night he was always known by the klopity-klop of his wooden leg.