Horses of Butter Cove

Horse Owner Description Other Note(s)
Bride  Allison Spurrell white mare Allison got the foal from his Uncle Arthur Spurrell around 1967. After a hard day’s work in the woods, Bride was always looking for her treat. Bride would stop at the bridge of their house in Butter Cove and wait for a special treat from Allison’s wife, Maud. Then and only then would she continue to the barn.  When Bride would hear Maud pinning clothes on the line, she would start neighing until she got a treat. Bride is remembered as a gentle member of the Spurrell family. Bride worked alongside Allison for 20-odd years, hauling firewood to keep the Spurrell family warm on many winter nights and damp fall days. Allison was proud to say, “I had a horse one time. Her name was Bride. She was a faithful wood’s companion.”
 Queen  Harrison Spurrell    
 Queen  Willis Spurrell   Used to jump fences; needed to have a yoke around her neck; purchased from Eliol Drover, Hodge’s Cove.
 Pet  Solomon Strowbridge