Horses of Little Heart’s Ease


Name of Horse Owner Description Other Note(s)
Molly George Benson 500 lb., dark brown Bought from Herb Martin; later sold to Joe Peddle, L. H. Ease
Frank George Benson Reddish brown It was sold to Gus Moyles/Sam Peddle
Gin Benson, Jonah/Newman    
Nancy Ron & Ches Dodge Grayish Sassy as the devil!
Vic Ron & Ches Dodge Roan red  
Moll Ron & Ches Dodge Chesnut  
?? Wm. Henry Dodge 1000 lb., reddish Blind in one eye
Dobbin Albert Drodge brown  
Bride Albert Drodge 500 lb., grey  
Shirley Bram Drodge 350 lb., dark red Bought in Terra Nova
Buster Don Drodge Reddish Foal of Simon Stringer’s Queen, L. H. Ease;Sold to Rev. Edgar Williams for $12.50 – money used to buy a rifle
 Champ Don Drodge    
Prince Don Drodge 500 lb., black Saucy; good to work; sold to Eric Crocker (Swift Current) for $100.00 to buy Jim
Jim Don Drodge 900 lb. dark red  
Queen Ed Drodge 400 lb., black Bought from Stewart Jacobs, L. H. Ease
Star Ed Drodge Red Foal, sold to ?? across the bay
? Ed Drodge Gray Foal, sold to ?? across the bay
? Ed Drodge Black Sold to Nathan Seward, Sr., Hodge’s Cove
Fourth Ed Drodge Black Born at Lower Deer Harbour; brought to L. H. Ease by Sime Whalen in longliner
Prince Eli Drodge 800 lb., reddish brown Sold to Alf Avery, Long Beach
Silver Guy Drodge 800+ lb., grey Bought from Gordon Drover, Hodge’s Cove
Belle Guy Drodge   Bought from Brud Martin, L. H. Ease
Star Jacob Drodge    
Frank Ralph Drodge 900 lb., black Bought at a race track in Goulds
Champ Theophilus Drodge 800 lb. black Was lost “in the country”; found by Will Stringer of L. H. Ease, who then received him as a gift; later given to cousin Hubert Stringer of L. H. Ease
Pearl David Jacobs    
Dick George Jacobs 500 lb., drk brown Was known to have been summer grazing near Heart’s Ease Beach …. after some time was not seen ever again
Trigger Gordon Jacobs White Trigger was a white stallion and known for his leadership with horses from our area. He used to place his head in over the gate and pushing on the latch. The gate would open and the horses would enter and consume garden food or grass on the inside. 
?? Hayward Jacobs White Had it for a couple of years, later in the “horse era”
Pearl Raymond Jacobs    
 Harry Az King    
 Tom Az King   See Harry owned by Ted Martin
 Jen Will King    
  Eli Martin 700 lb., black Blind in one eye
Flash Fred Martin 500 lb., dark brown  
Prince Fred Martin 700 lb., black Tall horse; sold to Simeon Herbert Peddle, Little Heart’s Ease
Belle George “Brud” Martin 900 lb., brown Sold to Guy Drodge, L. H. Ease; fell through LHE harbor ice; was “blowed up” to make buoyant, and was rolled up onto the ice to be rescued
Molly Herb Martin 500lb., black Sold to George Benson
Belle Jim Martin 500 lb., grey Sold to Jim Stringer, L. H. Ease
Old Ken Moses Martin 1300 lb., reddish Clydesdale; could haul big loads
Trigger Otto Martin 400 lb., black Of old age, was put down and buried up back of house
Harry Ted Martin and Az King   Harry was originally owed by Ted Martin. He sold it to Az King when he moved to Montreal in 1949. Harry was something of a wilder spirit as can be seen in the photo with the damaged fence.

Ted returned to Little Heart’s Ease in 1959 and a few years later, Az gave the horse back to Ted. Harry was getting old and Az didn’t want to make away with him. Ted had Harry for several years after that before he got too old to keep.

Myrtle Joshua Norris 500 lb., roan Newfoundland pony
Prince Simeon Herbert Peddle   Bought from Fred Martin, L. H. Ease
Pet Stephen Price 1000 lb., white  
Doll Stephen Price    
  Andrew Shaw black  
Jimmy Peter Shaw 700 lb., red Sold to ?
Bill Peter Shaw 800 lb., black Bought from George Thomas, Hodge’s Cove
Frank Abe Smith    
Sammy Sam Smith 450 lb., grey Bought in Lethbridge
Nelson Cle(ophas) Soper 500 lb., white  
Don Elijah Soper    
  Sol Spurrell   Long horse
Harry Tite (Titus) Spurrell 1500 lb.  
Tricks Tite (Titus) Spurrell    
Storm Tom Spurrell   Newfoundland pony
  Albert Stacey    
  Walt Stacey   spirited
Frank Doug Stringer    
Belle Eli and Jim Stringer 500 lb., grey  Purchased from Jim Martin
Lucky Eli Stringer 900 lb., grey Balky! Bought from and traded back to Ron Earle of Conception Bay
Prince Eli Stringer 750 lb., red  
Ruby George Stringer    
Trigger George Stringer 500 lb., reddish  
Bun Hubert Stringer 500 lb., whitish  
Doll Hubert Stringer White Saucy; bought from Dan Balsom, Hodge’s Cove
Dancer Hubert Stringer   fast
Jenny Jonah Stringer, Jr. 450 lb., grey  
Wally Jonah Stringer, Jr.   Foal from Jenny
Tricks Jonah Stringer, Jr. 400 lb., red  
  Jonah Stringer, Jr. White bought from Tom Spurrell, Butter Cove; hard to catch
Nellie Levi Stringer 450 lb., black Bought in Clarenville around 1947…“could trot and gallop with the best of the “racers” in Little Heart’s Ease at that time. She was an excellent worker and had a rare ability to get in and out of boats. Horses were transported across the Southwest Arm to Ford’s Harbour and up to Thomas’s to cut firewood and timber, etc. and were reluctant to board boats. Nellie would jump in and out. Nellie was sold to Harrison Spurrell of Butter Cove around 1955. She had one foal which Levi kept.
Tom Levi Stringer   Nellie’s foal; was a very high-strung, easily spooked horse, fences meant nothing to him. He wasn’t a true Newfoundland pony, being a crossbreed, but he did have the speed of his mother. He moved to Adeytown in 1957 with the family and was sold to Azariah King in 1958. Mr. King later sold him to Clarence Baker in Caplin Cove.
Scott Nehemiah Stringer 400 lb., dark red  
Pearl Richard “Dick” Stringer 500 lb., dark brown  
Blossom Simon Stringer 400 lb., white  
Dan(dy) Simon Stringer 450 lb., white Sold to Solomon Peddle, L. H. Ease
Bon Simon Stringer 900 lb., white Bought from ?? Avery, Long Beach
Queen Simon Stringer 450 lb., white Bought from Norman Drodge, L. H. Ease
Champ Simon Stringer 450 lb., white Had 4 white hooves .. rare!
Jack Will Stringer 800 lb., black Sold to Georgie Shaw, L. H. Ease; used to hide away; saucy
Champ Will Stringer 800 lb., black From Theophilus Drodge, L. H. Ease
Charlie Willie George Stringer 400 lb., black Bought from Ti Shaw, L. H. Ease
Doll George Strong black Thoroughbred; racing horse; saucy
Bravo Nick Vey   Found stogged, dead in the country
Rex Nick Vey 900 lb., red Sold to ?? Gregory, Queen’s Cove
Bandit Wilfred “Biff” Warren 500 lb., paint Sold to ??
  Wilfred “Biff” Warren 800+ lb. Quarter horse; was killed when fell over a bank by highroad in centre of Hodge’s Cove
Diablo Wilfred “Biff” Warren    
  Reg Whalen 900 lb., black  
Lady “Billy Shan” Whalen   Used to hire it out for use in lumberwoods in Central Newfoundland; would take it back and forth on train
Unknown Joseph and Hannah (Piercey) Martin