Annie Louise (Green) Goobie

Annie Louise (Green) Goobie was born June 21, 1927 at Beaver Pond, the fifth child of Ethel (Bailey) Green and Hubert Green, Sr.  At the time, her father operated his sawmill and logging operation there and his family lived in a cabin nearby.  When Annie was one year old her father moved the family to Goobies, where Annie grew up.  Eventually, the family grew and consisted of her parents and 12 children.

At the age of 24, she married Joshua Goobie on June 27, 1951 and moved to Queen’s Cove.  They raised a family of four children; two girls (twins) Jocelyn and Janette, two boys, Allister and Alton.  She was also a Sunday School Teacher for over 20 years at Zion Pentecostal Church the family attended in North West Brook.  She was a devoted mother and a devout Christian.  Annie passed away on January 30, 2018.

At the age of 18 Annie moved to Grand Falls and worked as a sales lady for Riffs Limited.  But before long she had to return home to help her mother care for the growing family.  Then as a young girl about the age of 20, Annie went to work at Walwyn Cottage Hospital, Come By Chance as a “Nurse’s Aide.”  Under the guidance of Dr. Melville George Coxon and the English Nurse, Miss Callahan, Annie learned the duties of a Nurse’s Aide.   Annie assisted the doctor with surgeries, passing instruments he requested to him as he operated and anything else that was needed.  One of the many things she learned was Midwifery, assisting with the birth of babies.  She didn’t have any formal training other than what she learned while working at the hospital. 

After she moved to Queen’s Cove she became known as the local midwife.  When called upon she was always ready to help with the birth of a baby or any other medical need that she was called upon to do.

From what we can remember from what she told us:  She came to the aid of two of her sisters, aiding with the delivery of her nieces before the doctor arrived.  Also, her sisters-in-law, assisting with the births of her nieces and nephews.  She also help her neighbours when called upon to deliver babies.  She delivered six babies in Goobies, and two in Queen’s Cove.  The last time she was called upon to deliver a baby was at Queen’s Cove, approximately 1960, a baby boy for a Mrs. Faye Spurrell.   By this time, most ladies were choosing to go to Walwyn Cottage Hospital at Come By Chance for the birth of their babies.

Note:  Dr. Melville George Coxon retired from James Paton Memorial Hospital in 1978 and died on January 24, 2002.

Information compiled by Annie’s daughter, Jocelyn (Goobie) Snelgrove, April 20, 2020.