Thomas Lambert, 779X

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Seaman Thomas Lambert. (Photo courtesy of Baxter Smith)

Son of Samuel and Rebecca (Smith) Lambert
Birthplace: Fox Harbour
Birth Date: July 1, 1883
Enlistment Date: February 11, 1905
Demobilization: May 12, 1919

Newfoundland Royal Naval Engagements (Application) – not available

Evening Advocate, June 8, 1918
Thomas Lambert
Son of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Lambert of Southport, Random.
To his Mother.
“Just a few lines to let you know that I am well. Hope this letter will find all the family as well. I don’t see much chance of this ending yet. We still have something yet to face, and my idea is that the end is a long way off. But I hope not. You know I like the idea of coming home. I was thinking of coming this summer, and I shall, if I see anyway of staying home. How is everything and everyone. I tell you, mother, everything is pretty stiff over here. I don’t see what is going to be the end of it. There are lots starving in Germany. But I don’t know, I’m sure. Everything is looking very hard around here now.
How are the boys getting on, I suppose they will soon be getting their trap ready to put out. I tell you, mother, I would love a good meal of fresh fish now. How is Jean? Hope she is well. Tell her I wrote her after I came out of hospital. I just slipped on some ice gangway, and put my ankle out. I was eight weeks laid up with it, but its better now. I hope you are all keeping well; keep smiling all the time. Please write me often, for it does me good to hear from you all. Will close by wishing you good-bye and good luck.”

Where Once they Sailed – The Lamberts of Fox Harbour serve King and Country