Daily Globe

January 24, 1925


On New Year’s Day the members of the S. U. F. Lodge held their annual parade. About 10 o’clock in the morning they started and paraded from the hall to Butter Cove, and from that to Southport, where the Rev. Mr. Holmes preached the sermon. We then came back to the Hall, where the ladies had a dinner prepared for us. There were fifty-seven fishermen present, besides the many friends who came. It was a very frosty day, but we had quite a crowd. We all enjoyed ourselves, and were much pleased with the money we made. We sold cakes and other small items which amounted to fifty two dollars. The amount we made altogether was $108.50. That was a large collection for such a cold day and night as it was. We were very thankful with the amount collected, ad thank the many kind friends who helped.

The dance began about eight o’clock and was kept up until twelve. I think that all were there enjoyed themselves. Each member did all possible to make the night as enjoyable as they could. We also thank the outharbour members who helped us too; they did all they could to make up a dollar for their Hall. We are in hopes of having a better time in the future, please God.

So now, Mr. Editor, for fear I have taken up too much space I will bring my remarks to a close by thanking all the members and kind friends who helped us, and also you for space to publish this report.

  • An S.U.F. Member, January 13, 1925.


Transcribed by Wanda Garrett, February 2021
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