Family Fireside


Well Known Business Man of Heart’s Ease Passes Away
Mr. William Flynn, one of the most widely known merchants of Trinity Bay, passed peacefully away a few weeks ago at his home in Heart’s Ease. Mr. Flynn had been ill for several months and despite the best medical attention and all that a loving wife and family could do, the end came, but not before he had received the last rites of Holy Church.
Mr. Flynn was a very prominent figure in his neighborhood and a good kind man to all in want. He will be greatly missed by many people of that section, to whom he was ever a faithful friend and general advisor. Mr. Flynn was born at King’s Cove and moved to Heart’s Ease many years ago, where he conducted a prosperous business ever since.
Left to mourn are his wife and several children, to whom The Family Fireside extends very sincere sympathy.-


Transcribed by Lisa Garrett. Page created October 2021

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