Newfoundland Weekly, 1924

July 19, 1924

There are so many Newfoundlanders in and around Boston, that it is not surprising to learn that a Newfoundland Weekly will soon make its entrance into the newspaper field.

The publishers are Mr. A. G. Gibb and Mr. R. H. Tait, who left St. John’s a few months ago. A company has been incorporated with Mr. Beaton H. Squires as President, and arrangements are in progress for a Weekly night letter from St.  John’s.

There should be ample scope for a newspaper of this character. Newfoundlanders are home-lovers, and though they may change their allegiance, and settle down beneath the Stars and Stripes, the call of the Old Land is ever insistent. Local papers are eagerly read, but they do not fully meet the requirements. They tell of what Newfoundlanders at home are doing, but information as to Newfoundlanders abroad is necessarily limited. The purpose of the new venture is to keep expatriated Newfoundlanders in touch with each other, and at the same time to bring more closely together, their Motherland and the land of their adoption.

The Newfoundland Weekly of Boston will be a welcome visitor in many homes in this city, and elsewhere within our borders. When the prospectus reaches us, fuller information will be obtainable. Meanwhile we extend congratulations to Messrs. Gibb and Tait and express the hope that their new venture may prove not only a financial success, but a real boon to Newfoundlanders the wide world over. – Daily News.


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