Newfoundland Weekly, 1925

July 11, 1925, Page 1

Fishery Reports

The following vessels have cleared from Trinity for the fishery:
W. J. Fry, 40 tons, Capt. W.  Fry, crew of 13 supplied by R. G.  Rendell, cleared for Labrador;
Vela M. Brown, 44 tons, Capt. A. Brown, crew of 8, supplied by R. G.  Rendell;
Vigilant, 30 tons.  Capt.  Richard Hairby, Crew of 9, supplied by R. G.  Rendell;
M. E. A. K., 18 tons, Capt. Heber King, crew of 5, supplied by Munroe & Co.;
J. S. G., 40 tons, Capt. Silas Tucker, 14 persons on Board, supplied by Steers Ltd.;
Grenville, 37 tons. Capt. Geo. Vey, supplied by R. G. Rendell & Co.;
Royal Huntress, 76 tons., Capt.  Stephen Barfett, 34 persons on Board, supplied by Steers, Ltd.;
Exotic, 51 tons., Capt. William H. Smith, 18 persons on board, supplied by Baine Johnston & Co.;
Clarina, 43 tons, Capt. James Jones, crew of 9, supplied by R.  G.  Rendell & Co.;
Pleunia, 41 tons., Capt. David Stoyles, crew of 7, supplied by A. H. Murray & Co.;
J. G. Blanche, 16 tons, Capt. James Spurell, crew of 5, supplied by A. H. Murray & Co.;
Mary M., Capt. Llewellyn Barfett, crew of 8, supplied by Bowring Bros.;
Jessie Florence, 5 tons., Capt. Wilson Stoyles, crew of 8, supplied by A.  E.  Hickman & Co.;
Lydia Gertrude, 21 tons., Capt. A. Humby, crew of 5, supplied by R.  G.  Rendell & Co.;
Bonnie Girl, 19 tons, Capt. Elijah Penny, crew of 4, supplied by self, cleared for St.  John’s;
British Empire, 42 tons, Capt. Simeon Vey, crew of 12, supplied by Bowring Bros.;
Edward 7th, 46 tons, Capt. Wilson Vey, crew of 10, supplied by Bowring Bros.;
Mary Kate, 35 tons, Capt.  W. J. Vey, crew of 10, supplied by Bowring Bros.;
Ida B, 27 tons, Capt. Henry Mayne, crew of 4, supplied by F. Woodman;
Robin, 62 tons, Capt. Thomas Rendell, crew of 13, supplied by Bowring Bros.;
Hilda Blanche, Capt. W. Morris, crew of 7, supplied by Munre & Co.;
making a total of 787 tons and 207 men.


August 8, 1925

Notes of Newfoundland Societies.

Newfoundland Seal Social Club, Inc., of New York

The Second Annual Outing of the Newfoundland Seal Social Club. Inc., of New York takes place today at Hoffman’s Hotel and Park, Unionport, New York, and the committee in charge have spared no efforts to make the affair a success. No doubt many Newfoundlanders in New York and the many nearby cities will avail themselves of the opportunity of meeting old friends and making new ones, and their countrymen in Boston unite in wishing the Club and their guests pleasant and profitable re-union. 

Newfoundlanders Mutual Benefit Association

The regular monthly meeting of the above Association was held at St. Rose Hall, 17 Worcester St., Roxbury, on Tuesday evening. In the absence of the President the chair was occupied by the 1st Vice President, John J. Tracey.

Two new Candidates were admitted to membership – Messrs John Mullowney and Daniel Shaw of East Boston and they were accorded a hearty welcome by the members present.

The Treasure Bro. W. B. Sommerville, being absent on a vacation to Newfoundland, his duties were preformed by Bro. Samuel Goss. Bro. Michael E. Mullowney, on behalf of the Outing Committee reported the progress of the programme for the Outing.

Members tickets were issued at the meeting and it was brought to their notice that a member’s ticket $1.00 admits two people.

Several other matters were brought up for discussion and it was decided to hold a special meeting of the Association on Friday, Sept. 4th, in order to finalize all arrangements for the Outing on the following Monday. Due notice of this meeting will appear in the “Weekly.”

Bro. R. H. Tait of the “Weekly” intimated that he had received six complimentary tickets from the Secretary of the Newfoundland Seal Social Club Inc., of New York, who are holding their second annual outing on Aug. 8th, and he passed them over to the Association for the use of any members or their friends who might be in New York over the weekend. The Secretary of Association was ordered to acknowledge the tickets in question and to return the compliment by sending six Outing tickets to the New York Club.

After the adjournment of the regular meeting, the Outing Committee held a short session. The sports programme is making headway and the following entries in the football sixes, tug of war and land boat race have been received:

Summerville – per T. Edstrom
East Boston – per M. E. Mulloweny
South Boston – per P. S. Fidelle
Roxbury – per H. Wilson
Chelsea – per Daniel Shaw
Cambridge – (Football) per Frank Burt.

It is hope that other districts and town in Greater Boston and elsewhere will send in their entries to the office of the “Weekly.” The committee is anxious to have the programme completed as soon as possible to save trouble and confusion at the last moment.

Donations for prizes are also asked for and any friends willing to put up a prize or the value of a prize can send the game to the office of the “Weekly.” Members of the committee were also urged to secure the necessary advertising for the special souvenir insert that will appear in the “Weekly” during the week of Sept. 5th

The Committee will meet every Tuesday evening at 8 o’clock during the month of August and all members are asked to attend.


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