St. John’s Daily Star, 1918

May 21, 1918

Mary Ann Benson

We are sorry to have to record the death of Mary Ann Benson, the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Benson of this place.

The young lady, who was a general favorite, was only in her nineteenth year. She had contracted a severe cold, which eventually led to consumption.

She was laid to rest in our graveyard and the attendance on that occasion showed the esteem in which the young lady was held. The sympathy of all goes out to Mr. and Mrs. Benson in their great sorrow.

“I know thy sorrow – see thy daily grief,

I count thy suffering and do send relief.”

Claypits, Random, T.B.


June 13, 1918

Late List of Casualties
Received June 13, 1918
At Wandsworth.
3331 – Pte. Martin F. Power, Mount Cashel, City. Inflammation of ear.
Previously Reported Missing April 12; Now Report Prisoner of War at Soltan, May 15.
2740 – Pte. Andrew Shaw, Little Heart’s Ease, T.B. Wounded leg; progressing slowly.




June 15, 1918

Murphy – Leward [Seward]

A very pretty wedding took place at the R.C. Cathedral on June 5th [1918] when Mr. Michael Leward [Seward], formerly of Heart’s Ease, T.B. led to the altar Miss Martha Murphy of this city. The ceremony was performed by the Rt. Rev. Monsignor McDermott, while the bride was aided by her sister Mary and the groom by his cousin Mr. Mike Flynn.
The bride was very nicely dressed in a suit of cream serge with hat to match. After the ceremony the evening being an ideal one, the merry party enjoyed a country drive after which arriving at the home of the bride, were met by a host of friends of both the bride and groom where a supper very nicely arranged by the bride’s sister was partaken of.
One could judge by the appearance of all that both were held in the highest esteem by their friends. A very enjoyable night was spent after which the many friends of both bride and groom parted, all wishing Mr. and Mrs. Leward [Seward] many happy years of matrimonial bliss. 
A. Guest


August 3, 1918

The Teachers’ Grievances.

It is currently reported that the teachers are going on strike. The reason of course is, that they want more pay, and no one can blame them; because of all the miserably paid toilers in the dominion none have more cause to complain.

How is it possible for a teacher, who has to keep up appearances, and who has to go to considerable expense in reading matter so as to keep abreast of the times; how is it possible to do so on a paltry salary of 180 or 200 dollars a year?

It was bad enough in normal times, but in these days of extraordinarily high prices for necessities, it cannot possibly be done.

If the money that has been expended on the governments “White Elephant” (the Stott building) had been divided amongst the teachers, it would have been money well spent; as it is, it is an extravagance that we can ill afford.

I have not heard it said that the school inspectors are going to join the strikers. Possibly they have no reason to grumble at their share of the emoluments.

Be that as it may it is to be hoped that the teachers will succeed in getting their moderate demands.

In today’s Daily News appears an advertisement calling for three lady teachers.

One for Hillview, first grade and musical qualifications – salary $180.

One for Little Heart’s Ease, first or second grade, musical qualifications – salary $180.

One for Queen’s cove, at least second grade, musical qualifications – salary $180.

There is a chance for any well-educated lady to get a comfortable living!  Your board will probably not cost you more than $ 14 a month and that leaves you the magnificent sum of Twenty Dollars a year to clothe yourself and buy the few odds and ends you must have. Think of it!

Twenty dollars a year to spend and perhaps get a little vacation with next summer!

Your musical education probably cost more than your entire salary, still, you have to devote your talent to teaching others for a few paltry cents a day!

In the face of such advertisements surely it is time for the government to wake up and so something worth while for the teachers who to a great extent are responsible for the present and future knowledge of our young people. 


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