Daily News, 1934

April 18, 1934



Hodge’s Cove, April 9 – On Easter Monday night, April 2nd, a very splendid concert was put forth in the C. of E. school under the guidance of the teacher, Mr. Samuel Drover. The school room was filled to capacity. Remarks were made that it was the best performance put forth in this place for a number of years. After the concert was over, refreshments were served, and then the school room was given for a dance in which the young people greatly enjoyed themselves. To Mr. Drover and his troop we extend congratulations.


The men of this settlement seem to be very optimistic. Quite a number of fishing boats are being built. Some for the purpose of sale, while others for the purpose of Labrador fishery.

Not more than a week ago, near the sea-shore, a live squid was picked up by Mr. Albert Smith of this settlement. No doubt this is a very uncommon thing for this time of the year. Let’s hope that it’s a good omen for our fisheries.


In the United Church of this settlement a anniversary was put forth under the guidance of the U.C. teacher, Miss Martin, who is to be congratulated on her splendid success.


On January 14th an unexpected visit was paid to the people of this settlement by Aviator Frazer and Mechanic Clayton in aeroplane while on route from Carmanville to St. John ‘s with a sick patient, Miss Hattie Hicks. The plane made her landing on the pond, and in a short time was surrounded by a large number of people. After a short conversation with people, he again took flight for St. John’s.


Mr. M.C. Lane, C. of E. teacher, Long Beach, spent the weekend here, as a guest of Rev. C.D.T. Sparshott.

Mr. H.L. Day, C. of E. teacher St. Jones Without, spent the weekend with our teacher S.C. Drover.

Mr. S. Dodge, of Little Harbour, was a visitor to Hodge’s Cove during the week.

Mr. W.G. Rowe, C. of E. teacher, Gooseberry Cove; Mr. A. Adey, U.C. Teacher of St. Jones Without; also Miss Josephine Seward, R.C. teacher of Heart’s Ease, were visitors to Hodge’s Cove during the week.



Transcribed by Maria Drover, September 2023

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