Daily News, 1937

May 26, 1937


Gooseberry Cove, May 18 – Coronation entertainments began here on May 10th, with a dance in the C. of E. school, the proceeds of which went towards getting candy for the 12th. At 11 o’clock on Coronation Day a service was held in the C. of E. Church. The school children and members of the C.E.W.A. paraded from the school to the church.

At 2 o’clock Mr. S. Dodge, C.E. teacher at Little Harbour, Mr. P. Hanlon, R.C. teacher, Gooseberry Cove, Miss H. Halfyard, U.C. teacher, South Porth [Southport], and Miss L. Costello, C.E. teacher, Gooseberry, and their respective schools, members of the C.E.W.A. and other men, women, and children, met in the S.U.F. Hall at Gooseberry Cove. From here all lined in parade, numbering about two hundred. The sight of flags and banners was pleasing to the eye. Snaps were taken.

At first the parade went to South Port, where at least sixty guns were fired. Then back to Gooseberry Cove, and from there to Butler Cove, and there, too, many guns were fired, and finally back to Gooseberry Cove. All along the march the band played many patriotic pieces. Back to the Hall the flag was saluted, the “Ode to Newfoundland” and “God Save the King” were sung. For the remainder of the evening the children played games, sang songs, danced, set off firecrackers, and did many other things which children enjoy. In the midst of the gaiety and laughter, there appeared on the scene the eldest gentleman in the place, Mr. Richard Seward, age 99. He was given three hearty cheers. Tea was served to all.

At 9 o’clock a concert was put off by the pupils, and teachers, and jazz band. A few of the items were as follows: Patriotic drill, recitations, Children of the Empire, Within Westminster Abbey, The Crowning of Our King, Recessional: readings, Childhood of Our King, Childhood of Our Queen, Coronation Ceremonial; songs, The More We Get Together, Old MacDonald’s Farm, For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow. After the concert candy was distributed, and the younger people danced until daylight. Everyone, young and old, spent a very happy day.



Transcribed by Maria Drover, October 2023

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