Daily News, 1948

May 18, 1948

Unusual Case is Heard in Supreme Court

On Thursday las in the Supreme Court before Mr. Justice Winter, there was heard an unusual case in which Mr. Gideon King, of St. Jones Within, was suing Captain Silas Tucker, of the same place, for eight hundred dollars ($800.00). Mr. King’s action arose out of the loss of his mare during pregnancy allegedly caused by Captain Tucker’s stallion which, contrary to local Statute, was roaming at large. It is the custom of the country to turn horses loose during the summer months and let them roam at large.

The plaintiff claims that as Captain Tucker’s stallion was the only one in the vicinity, Captain Tucker should pay for the loss of the mare. The defence is based on the contention that there were other stallions within a radius of twenty (20) to thirty (30) miles which was well within the roaming distance of horses at large, and that, therefore, any of them could have been responsible.

Several witnesses were called for both sides which occupied the Court until five o’clock when the case was postponed until next Friday when counsel will present their arguments.

Mr. A.S. Mifflin appeared for the plaintiff, while Mr. James J. Halley and Mr. P. Derek Lewis represented the defendant.


Transcribed by Wanda Garrett, May 2022

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