Daily News, 1953

March 24, 1953

Clyde Brown (L-Bonavista South) presented a petition from the people of Salvage requesting construction of a bridge. Hon. S. J. Hefferon (L-Trinity North) presented two petitions for the completion and construction of roads in his district. The first was from Hodge’s Cove and the second for the construction of a road between Hatchet Cove and Hillview to connect the Cabot highway.





April 1, 1953, Page 4

Death came suddenly on St. Patrick’s day to one of Clarenville’s oldest residents in the person of Mr. Peter Seaward. Uncle Peter as he was more widely known had reached the grand old age of eighty – two and had been active right up to the time of his passing. It was only a short time before the end came he had been down to the beach looking over a boat he was building. Born in Gooseberry Cove Uncle Peter spent most of his life there and moved to Clarenville about ten years ago. Following the calling of his people before him he obtained his living from the sea, and after retiring from that he spent his latter years building boats for Uncle Peter wasn’t content with doing nothing. A man of Christian virtues he was a regular church goer and it was only a week before his passing he had attended his church and received his Communion. To his four sons and thirteen daughters as well as forty one grandchildren, and his wife the writer joins with the whole community in offering sincere condolence.


June 12, 1953

Trinity Bay Settlement Claims Neglect

Gooseberry Cove, a fishing settlement in Trinity Bay, lays claim to be one of the most neglected places when it comes to public wharves and breakwaters, a resident of that area has informed the Daily News.

This community has more fishermen per capita than perhaps any other place in the Province, for already this year there are twenty-nine fishing boats sailing out of the harbour. Their work continues nearly all the year round with the seasons for lobster, salmon, cod and mackerel, and the fishermen are most ambitious to do well.

The harbour is practically open to the sea and when bad weather comes, because of no proper wharves and landing facilities, the men are in danger of losses to both lives and equipment.

A petition was forwarded to the government from this community asking for a breakwater or landing depot, but so far nothing has been heard of the request and the people feel that their petition has been ignored though other places with less activity, and contributing less to the economy of the province, have been provided with proper wharves.


September 25, 1953

To Captain Ferry

Captain George King of St. Jones Within, Trinity Bay, who will skipper the Bell Island – Portugal Cove ferry, “Elmer W. Jones,” when she leaves Kingston, Ontario for Newfoundland, left here last week for Kingston.

Captain King is replacing Captain J.J. Whelan, who went to Kingston to take charge of the ferry, but returned home last week to see his son, Rev. John Whelan, who arrived here from Ontario recently to spend a few days with his family before leaving for Missionary service in India.


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