Daily News, 1956


March 15, 1956

Two Groups Join Growing Society of NFLD. Co-ops

The two co-operative societies at Hodges Cove, T.B., Hodges Cove Consumers and Onward Credit, decided to join the Newfoundland Co – operative Credit Society, Ltd. during meetings which were held on March 5th. and 6th. W. J. Maher, Co-operative fieldman, was present for both meetings.

He outlined the functions of the Newfoundland Co-operative Credit Society, Ltd., pointing out the advantages of membership, as well as reminding the members of the responsibilities that their societies assume to do their part to make the organization the “Co-operative Bank of Newfoundland.”

Mr. Maher also spoke on the need of Scholarship and Essay Contests, Social Functions, Publicity, Grievance Committee, Role of Women in the Co-operative Movement, Cabot Co-operative Insurance Society, Ltd.

Both societies are looking forward to a visit from Miss Everson, lady cooperative fieldworker, in the near future. As some women were present at one of the meetings, it expected that Miss Everson will find many of the fair sex willing and eager to learn more of what the Co-operative Movement can mean to them and their families.

It is expected that Onward Co-operative Credit Society Ltd. will be giving serious consideration to becoming a member of Cabot Co-operative Insurance Society, Ltd. so as to provide Share Insurance and Loan Protection to its members. Such services are provided by Cabot.

An incident occurred at the consumers meeting on Monday, which to use the words of the fieldman showed the Co-operative Movement in the role of “brotherly love.”

One of the members who is unwell has a little boy who needs hospitalization. The Sunshine Camp kindly offered assistance when the little boy will be able to come to St. John’s.

The case was aired and the letter from the Sunshine Camp read at the meeting. The boy’s father was unable to be present, probably he was expecting that the transportation for bringing his son to St John’s from Hodges Cove and return would be deducted from his share capital.

The meeting to a man had other ideas. The cost of bringing the boy to St. John’s and home again is to be paid by the society out of its operations, and the share capital of the boy’s father will he left intact. Truly co-operation in action.


July 27, 1956

Long Pond
Social and Personal

Mrs. Effie Stringer of Little Heart’s Ease is presently spending a holiday with her father, Mr. Mark Rideout.

Mr and Mrs. Mark Rideout and his son Cyril and his wife, motored to Little Heart’s Ease last weekend, visiting her daughter Mrs. Effie Stringer.



August 7, 1956

Mrs. Ernest Parsons and three children, Ruby, Rosalind, and Donna, are back home after spending two weeks at Hatchet Cove, as the guests of Mrs. Parsons’ parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Bishop.




August 17, 1956

Report on Communicable Diseases

Ten new cases of T.B. were reported in Newfoundland last week, according to the weekly report on communicable diseases from the Provincial Department of Health.

Two cases were reported in Hodge’s Cove, T.B., and single cases were reported, in St. John’s, Little Hearts Ease, St. Jones Within, North West Brook, Salmon Cove, Sunnyside, Lewin’s Cove, Burin and Grand Bank.

Four cases of measles, three in St. John’s and one in Bauline, were reported by the Department.
Cases of whooping cough, mumps and chicken pox were included on the list.


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