The Evening Advocate, 1920

February 26, 1920

An Incident at Hodge’s Cove
(To the Editor)

Dear Sir:- None of the oldest inhabitants in Hodge’s Cove ever witnessed the sight such as occurred here today.  January the 12th. My brother came from the country with two frozen rabbits, and hung them over the stove to thaw before skinning. At dinner hour as the whole family was sitting around the table, it being rather warm in the kitchen, the window was raised. My father at the end of the table glanced over his shoulder and to his surprise saw a mischievous crow coming through the window. It perched on the end of the hot oven and began to pick the frozen rabbit: and where he found it cold, it found it full as hot on the oven.  But when he found his feet so hot he thought it time to retreat.  My father catching the horse-whip flicked at the crow, and instead of striking the crow touched the window and it came down across the crows back, and as its wings was on the outside the greedy creature got away unharmed.

 I remain, yours, etc.,

One Who Witnessed the Sight
Hodge’s Cove, Random.
January 12th, 1920


Transcribed by Daisy Jacobs, October 2019

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