The Evening Advocate, 1923

April 11, 1923

Big Meeting at Hillview

Hillview, April 10, (Special to The Advocate) — The Liberal team, Halfyard, Hibbs and Randell, arrived here last evening after a very successful canvas of the whole of Souh-Western Arm in which most enthusiastic meetings were held at Long Beach, Hodge’s Cove, Gooseberry Cove, Little Heartsease and St. Jones Within.

The meeting here last night was a revelation to many. The hall was filled with electors from Queen’s Cove, Adeyton and Hillview, who listened for three and a half hours to the whole story of the last three years. The policy of progress which has been inaugurated in spite of the Tory obstruction, was clearly placed before the people.

The whole program of abuse and misrepresentation was taken item after item and torn to pieces, and when the meeting closed, near midnight, ringing cheers were given for Halfyard, Hibbs and Randel, and Sir R. A. Squires.  The Tory candidates arrived here after midnight and went to Queen’s Cove.  They cannot receive any support worth speaking of in the whole of South West Arm.  Liberalism and Progress is the slogan in this part of the district.  Ed Frost, Joseph Green, Plemon Greene, William Churchill, Ed Benson.


Transcribed by Daisy Jacobs, October 2019

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