The Evening Herald, 1898

May 11, 1898, Page 4


(To the Editor of the Evening Herald)

Sir,—Many people here and in this neighborhood are trying to better their condition in life by sheep raising, and would succeed but that a mongrel breed of dog are offsetting their efforts by the destruction of the former useful animal. These brutes were unheard of until about three years ago, but now it would seem that all have them with few exceptions, and what benefit they derive from them I’m at a loss to know. Last spring the dogs destroyed 9 or 10 sheep and Iambs, last fall again seven or eight and this spring they have also killed many. Now, sir, this must be a case of the “survival of the fittest,” for sheep keeps us warm in clothing, its flesh is most nutritious food, and is in every respect a more profitable animal than the dog which destroys it. Dog owners say however that they will not tolerate the shooting of their animals because they haul wood, but yet I know that when we had no dogs here more wood and cheaper was brought to poor people. Give us more sheep, stop dogs and we will soon be better off in every respect. Why the hungry curs have broken into stores, have repeatedly rifled fish flakes and do not hesitate to attack poor children on the highways, many of whom have been bitten. I’m not prejudiced, though I’ve suffered severely in this respect, and I hope the Government will kill out quickly one of the greatest embargoes on the progress of this district. With thanks,


Hodge’s Cove, Random, Mary 6, 1898


Transcribed by Wanda Garrett, March 2021
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