The Evening Herald, 1899

September 20, 1899

Mill Swept Away

In Thursday’s storm the rainfall was abnormal the rivers were badly swollen, and a big sea rose in Trinity Bay, Albert Smith, a poor fisherman, saved enough after years of honest endeavor to erect a substantial saw mill 40 x 20 feet, and on that day had tried its machinery, run by water power, from a river near, intending to start work Friday cutting coopers’ lumber. The river – during the evening overflowed its banks and about 10 p.m. the dam above the structure burst, sending down a flood of water which swept the building into the beach a complete wreck, where the woodwork was made firewood by the heavy sea running in. It was well for the man that none of the large quantity of logs he had near the premises were cut or his loss would have been greater. As it is he is now out of pocket about $500. The circular saws of the newest type which he had erected were broken up and the poor fellow is in a bad predicament. A dam also burst at Hodge’s Cove and the waters did considerable damage to John Peddle’s mill also.


Transcribed by Katie Alyward, November 2019

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