The Evening Herald, 1900

January 18, 1900

Wedding Bells.

At Harbour Grace, on Dec. 29, a quiet wedding was celebrated at the R.C. Cathedral at 11 a.m. by Rev. Fr. March, the contracting parties being Capt. Wm. Seward, of Fox Harbour, T.B., and Miss B. Yetman, of Harbour Grace. The bride was attended by Miss M. Alcock and Miss Yetman, her sister, while the groom was supported by Messrs. E. Balson and W. Flynn. After the ceremony the happy couple, with their friends, drove to the residence of Mr. Henry Alcock, where luncheon was served and a few hours were spent in mirth. At 4 p.m. the happy couple, accompanied by Messrs. Flynn and Balson, left by train for their home, Trinity Bay.


January 20, 1900

Wedding Bells.

A most attractive wedding occurred at Northern Bight Church on Jan 10th, at 3 p.m., the contracting parties being Minnie Frost, daughter of James Frost of Northern Bight, and Samuel Hansford, son of Chas. Hansford of Deep Bight. The bride, who looked charming, was attired in a dress of white crepon, with hat and veil to match, and was attended by Miss L. Frost, her cousin; Miss M. Ellsworth, Methodist teacher; and Miss Churchill and Miss Frost, cousin of the bride, while the groom was supported by Mr. C. Hansford, his brother; Messrs. W. Frost, D. Frost and F. Frost, cousins of the bride; and two little girls robed in white strewed the pathway with flowers. The bride was given away by her father. After Rev. C.A. Whitemarsh had performed the ceremony the bridal party drove to the residence of the bride’s mother, where a light repast was partaken of; after which the whole party, including guests, consisting of twelve sleighs drove to the brides future residence, a distance of five miles, where a sumptuous tea was served by the groom’s mother. After spending a most enjoyable time the company dispersed well pleased with the day’s pleasure. The bride was the recipient of many pretty presents. We wish the couple every happiness on this felicitous occasion.

Also, on Jan 4, by Rev. F.C. Shears, Isaac Brewer, of Northern Bight, to Susie Hillier, of New Harbour, T.B., for two years a domestic of Mr. N. Frost, J.P. of Northern Bight.

At Northern Bight, Jan 3, by Rev. C.A. Whitemarsh, William J. Stoyles, to Jane Benson, daughter of the late Heh. Benson.

   Northern Bight, Jan. 16, 1900.


November 26, 1900

At Hodge’s Cove, T.B., a young lad named Wilcox, contracted a cold last week, but was not bodily ill. Thursday morning as he was about to go out he was seized with a fit of coughing and was suddenly deprived of speech, which he has not since regained. His father, Moses Wilcox, of the schr. ‘Wild Briar,’ yesterday received word that he was dying, and leaves by train today for home. All the children about Hodge’s Cove have been afflicted with coughing which has been epidemic this fall, and which reaches such an acute stage that they vomit blood.



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