The Evening Herald, 1904

June 7, 1904

The schr. ‘Mayflower’ built at Random the past winter by J. P. Drodge, is to-day being measured and surveyed, preparatory to receiving her register. She is about 30 tons and a splendid craft.


August 16, 1904


The big fires about Placentia Bay, which have been raging the past fortnight, have caused much destruction to the timber lands in that section. Between North Harbor and Northern Bight, and between Deer Hr. and Bay Bulls Arm, the fire has spread. Miller’s mill, between Northern Bight and Deer Hr., was in danger, but last night’s rain no doubt extinguished the flames.

September 2, 1904

More Forest Fire

All down about the S.W. Arm of Random forest fires have been raging the past three weeks and about ten days ago the three mills owned by Messrs. Nehemiah Frost, Simon Gooby and William Churchill respectively, were destroyed with the logs – some thousands that had been cut by their employees. These mills were fairly large and turned out mostly coopers lumber and their owners are almost beggared by their destruction. Other mill owners saved the buildings but lost great quantities of logs and sawn material and only after hard fighting were the houses about saved.

The latest place to be threatened with forest fires is Catalina. Since Sunday last back of that place the woods burned fiercely and Wednesday the fire crossed the road leading from there to Bonavista, and the half-way house, owned by Deniah Walsh, had a narrow escape. The family removed all their effects and after several hours fighting the flames the danger passed.


Newspaper article transcribed by Katie Alyward, December 2019, Updated February 2020

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